Baumit DavinaReneo, Colour, high coverage paint, one coat, solvent free, vapour open, internal paint. 14 Litre

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Ultra low VOC one coat, solvent free ready-to-use, easy to apply, odour-less interior dispersion paint with very high covering power.

For available colours please view the swatch by downloading the 'Baumit Life Colours' pdf - choose any colour with a black code number

  • Vapour open - breathable
  • Can be used as a one coat.
  • Can be applied with the usual manual airless sprayers.
  • Once dry, it gives a durable, matt, natural light true surface (DIN 53778).
  • Suitable for walls with wall lights.
  • Solvent and plasticiser-free, so ultra low in VOC emissions.
  • Available in white or coloured.

Yield::    112m²/14 Litre bucket

Consumption kg/m2* : 0.125 Litre per coat (substrate dependent)


Price is per bucket 

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Use as a very good covering paint for new build and renovation projects. With high durability for coated and unpainted internal walls and ceilings.

Suitable for existing and new substrates, e.g. mineralic and organically bound plasters, dispersion paints, plasterboards and wallpapers.

Particularly good application, easy to apply and improves the structure of the substrate for a good final finish.


Before application, stir slowly and thoroughly with a slow speed mixer and, if necessary, add water to give a working consistency (up to max. 5 % for basecoat). The manufacturer recommends applying to a test area to ensure desired coverage and to indicate yield.

Containers of material with different batch numbers should be mixed together in order to rule out any differences in colour tone. Do not mix in any other materials (with the exception of colour pigments, max. amount to be added is 20 %).

Baumit DivinaReneo should be applied fully and evenly by brush, roller or spray (nozzle diameter 0.5 – 0.6 mm) One to two coats should be applied. If 2 coats are required, please leave ca. 12 hours between applications of each coat.

General Information

High humidity and low temperatures can significantly delay drying times.

Protect surrounding areas, especially glass, ceramics, brick, natural stone, paint and metal before application. Rinse splashes immediately with plenty of water. Do not wait until they dry. Clean tools immediately after use with water.

To avoid deviations in colour, please order all material required for a project at the same time to ensure same batch. Any subsequent deliveries should be mixed with the already delivered material.

Do not work with the material or let it dry if the substrate and air temperature are under + 5 °C and over + 30 °C. Observe DIN 18550 and DIN 18350, DIN 18363 (VOB, Part C) as well as the special terms of the ‘general construction authorities’ approvals (abZ).

Clean tools and equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

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