Amellos Natural All Weather Exterior Paint For Wood (674)

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A high yielding low VOC and elastic exterior paint for use on wood e.g. wooden framework, beams and planks, fences, etc. Not suitable for windows or, doors (use Vindo Gloss Paint) or  floors. Limited use on rough-sawn wood. Technical qualities Very high yield. After 3rd application finish becomes semi-glossy and opaque.

Available in 8 colours, other colors can be achieved by mixing with VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629 in any ratio; the gloss level will be enhanced.

Apply by brush or roller if spraying device dilute with max. 10% SVALOS Spray Thinner No. 293 always apply at temperatures above 12°C (54°F).

One litre is sufficient for approximately 20 to 25 m² i.e. 44 ml/ m² per coat.

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The wood must be planed or finely sanded, dry (less than 15% wood moisture content), solid, absorbent, clean, and free of grease and dust. Prime untreated wood, which is prone to blue-staining fungi with ADAO External Primer No. 259, for oak use LINUS Penetrating Oak Priming Oil No. 233.

As a rule, apply three thin coats which should be done within a period of 4 weeks.

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