URA Colouring Paste For Livos Wall & Ceiling Paint (N-424)

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A pigment for tinting of all Livos wall and ceiling paints and natural texture render. Non-fading. Mixable at any ratio (creating a wider range of colour shades) with Dubron wall and ceiling paint.

There 18 colours available you can download a colour chart in the Technical info section below, when ordering please use both the colour number and name.

Depending on the intended purpose and the desired colour intensity (see colour charts for colour ranges)  as a full-tone paint, 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 6 m² per coat.


005 Sunny Yellow, 442 Golden Yellow, 011 Ochre, 021 Red Ochre, 020 Terracotta, 041 English Red, 051 Persian Red, 211 Creme, 071 Natural Umber, 081 Burnt Umber, 440 Linden Green, 441 May Green, 111 Green, 443 Mint Turquoise, 444 Capri Blue, 121 Ultramarine Blue, 445 Blue-Violet, 101 Black

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A colouring paste for use with Livos natural dispersion paint Dubron 412

All colours can be mixed with each other, allowing you to make your own custom colour.

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