Forte Lime Render Base Coat 25Kg

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Forte (formerly Lathrend) is an alternative external basecoat render to Duro. It is designed for application to new-build concrete block where breathability is not of prime concern. Forte uses a small proportion of white cement to achieve a harder set matched to the blockwork. Use Tradirend as the finishing coat.

Forte is a render undercoat designed for renovation and new build.

Coverage:   approx 1.8kg per mm of thickness over 1m². One 25kg bag will cover approx. 1.25m² at 10mm thick. This does not include any allowance for wastage.

25 kg bags, 40 per pallet

Price is per 25Kg bag

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Add the whole bag of pre-mix into drum or forced action mixer carefully avoiding creating excessive dust. Mix with clean water: approx 4-5 litres of water to each 25 kg sack depending on the temperature and substrate. Mix in either drum mixer for a minimum of 3min and a max of 10 min or with a mechanical whisk for 2-3mins.

Surface Preparation

Remove dust, surface contaminants and loose or friable existing render/plaster. Where necessary consolidate. Ensure masonry is not waterproofed or painted.

Application Guidelines

  • The number of coats is dependent on the surface to which the render is applied, the exposure of the building and the finish required.
  • Temperatures: above 5°C and below 30°C.
  • Reworking: 1.5 hours
  • Further coats: after 2 to 7 days, once the coat has stiffened / hardened, but is still ‘green’.
  • Curing: cure each coat (see below) before further work.
  • Bonding Coat & Dubbing coats (optional)
  • Apply a bonding coat on dense impervious backgrounds of Prepbond. Dub out deep areas with Forte

Further Coats

Apply a coat of Forte between 10 – 15mm thick directly to substrate. Each coat must be scratched to give a good mechanical key before further coats are applied. If the substrate is dry, dampen down the surface prior to coating. Allow 2 – 5 days drying and curing before further coats.

Finishing Coat

Apply Tradirend – see relevant datasheet.


Prevent all coats from drying out too rapidly.  Lightly spray each coat with water if it is hot or the product is drying too quickly.  Protect from adverse conditions such as frost, rain etc.

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