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Fragile Earth Grease Buster, Biological and Enzyme Dosing System (Kit)

Fragile Earth Grease Buster, Biological and Enzyme Dosing System (Kit)

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Fragile Earth Grease Buster Kit 

A fit and forget automated dosing system to remove fats, oils and greases from drains and interceptors. Safe to use with any sewage system including septic tanks and treatment plants.

This is a proven way to help minimise (or remove) problems caused by the build-up of fat deposits in drains.

Using only natural ingredients Grease Buster is a system for treating Fats Oils and Grease in any location that serves food (hot or cold) this could be a B&B, cafe, golf club, restaurant, large house or just about anywhere there is a regular service of food. Grease Buster is a blend of friendly bacteria and enzymes are dosed automatically by a timed pump operation into the drainage system the fluid actually digests the fats oils and grease that clog the drains.

Grease Buster will continue to work in the drainage system wherever there are fats to digest.

The Fragile Earth Grease Buster Kit Includes

  • 25 Litres Grease Buster liquid.
  • Programmable mains powered peristaltic pump. 
  • Pump installation instructions and specification sheet.
  • 2 Metres connecting hose and retaining clips.
  • Information on how Grease Buster works. 

For a dosing guide please click on 'DESCRIPTION'      

Price is per kit; includes delivery*

(*certain postcode exclusions apply, please call to find out more)

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Greasebuster is an innovative, self-contained, eco-friendly solution for maintaining drains and grease traps, especially in hot food establishments. Designed to comply with building regulation part H, it ensures that drain pipes and grease traps are kept free from blockages arising from fat, oils, greases, and food deposits. The system utilises patented eco-friendly bacterial technology and plant enzymes which break down waste so the bacteria in the product can readily and quickly digest them as a food source, breaking them down into harmless H2O, CO2 and O2. This ensures efficient and effective drain cleansing without the use of harsh chemicals. In addition to maintaining drains, the bacteria also eradicate foul smelling odours that often emanate from food establishments.

Greasebuster is a highly efficient, cost-effective system ideal for commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets. Greasebuster is supplied as a kit including a programmable peristaltic dosing pump.

  • Ideal for use with automated dosing systems.
  • Dosage rates can be set to match kitchen activity and kitchen practices.
  • Replaces the need for grease traps and other physical removal systems.
  • Can be used for manual dosing.

DOSING GUIDE - For more information please download the technical data sheet.

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Single shock dose to be done manually before pump program is activated.

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