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FSC Solid Oak Floor Boards 16

FSC Solid Oak Floor Boards Various Widths Unfinished 20mm Thick Priced Per Square Metre

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Our solid oak floor boards are delivered on oversize pallets (boards can be 2.4 metres long) and so carriage rates vary, the price per square metre is correct so you can easily work out the floor cost, but you will need to call us on 01793 847 444 to order and confirm your carriage rate.

Oak offers a clean, sophisticated look, strength and durability. This is the most popular choice for a distinct and attractive floor that guarantees to add value to your home. Oak is the most versatile of hardwoods and over 90% of our customers choose it over other species. Boards can be laid in random widths and lengths to really enhance its natural character.

Solid oak boards are always in stock, all our solid oak boards are sold unfinished,  for more information download our solid wood floor fitting guide and see our range of wood finishing oils, or call us for help and advice 

* Boards are shrink-wrapped with 5 lengths per pack all same length with the square meterage clearly indicated on each pack. Our packers will match your requested area to the nearest square metre if there is a small discrepancy we will round up the order at no extra charge to you.

Available as 

Rustic: Including some knots, small sap wood, full of character ideal for older buildings refurbs kitchens etc our most popular seller by a long way.

Prime: Near knot free (only very small pin knots remain) and no sapwood a more contemporary look. This is special order only

Widths 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm

Edge profile either square edge (requires final light sand when in place) or bevelled edge (can be finished without sanding as it is more forgiving of small variations in the subfloor, this is why all prefinished boards will be supplied bevel edged) this is the most popular finish especially with wider boards and random width floors as it enhances accentuates the board width.

Price is per square metre.Lengths supplied will be a selection between 800mm to 2400mm depending on square metreage ordered. All orders over 100m2 carrriage paid.

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Solid Oak

Oak has been the most popular species for flooring in the UK for decades, 90% of our customers buy it despite all the other species we offer. It doesn’t go in and out of fashion like some other species can and is available in so many different forms that there is usually an oak floor to suit every taste.

Using unfinished oak for finishing on site,opens a vast array of possible finishes from lacquered, oiled, brushed to add texture, or smoked / fumed / stained to a wide range of colours, and it can be distressed or aged to look as though its been there for generations.

FSC Oak Floor Boards

  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Width: 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm 
  • Lengths: 800mm - 2400mm
  • Grades: Rustic or (Prime Grade, special order only) 
  • Supplied unfinished, 
  • Machining: T&G all 4 sides, rustic (Bevelled or Square Edge)*
  • Packaging: Shrink-wrapped 5 lengths per  pack all same length with square meterage clearly indicated on each pack.
  • Moisture Content: 8-10%
  • From a sustainable source and pre-filled and sanded, this is our best-selling product and provides exceptional value.

* A note on edge profile. Square edge boards will need a final light sand on site to eliminate any upstands or lips, bevelled can be finished without a final sand. Bevelled oak flooring is often preferred by those who are looking for a more natural looking floor. The small micro-bevels help to create a subtle distinction between each board, showcasing their own individual character. For installations where the sub floor is not completely level, micro bevelled flooring can help to hide any minor uneven patches.

Square edged flooring on the other hand is for those looking for a complete seamless finish from their oak flooring. Each individual board will blend into one another, creating a much more uniform, single floor space. A square edged oak flooring is perfect for those more contemporary and formal properties.

Rustic Oak contains beautiful knots, some sap wood and colour variation.

It can be laid in all one width or the more traditional random width and can be oiled, lacquered, or stained to achieve whatever look you wish.

Size Chart

Timber Grade Finish Edge profile Thickness mm Width mm Length mm
FSC Oak Rustic  Unfinished Square or Bevelled 20 120 800-2400
FSC Oak Rustic  Unfinished Square or Bevelled 20 140 800-2400
FSC Oak Rustic  Unfinished Square or Bevelled 20 160 800-2400
FSC Oak Rustic  Unfinished Square or Bevelled 20 180 800-2400
FSC Oak Rustic  Unfinished Square or Bevelled 20 200 800-2400


A quick note on purchasing.  First calculate your floor area and always add on little a something for  off cuts, we recommend 10% this might appear generous but with doorways, bays etc  even the most pedantic fitter will have off cuts left over from laying the floor, allowing a small surplus is always a safe bet. There is nothing worse than being one board short! 

You will need to stipulate the board widths that you require and we will individually pack them in the warehouse in bundles of 5 boards of each length ( these will vary from 800mm to 2,400mm) up to your total square metreage, if there is any small discrepancy we will round up at no extra charge to you.

Or you can opt for the simplest way of all, just tell us the square metreage required and we will select random widths (see below) and lengths to create a stunning floor of exactly the right size for you. We call this the Random Option. Do remember to add on an allowance for off cuts. This option is available as follows.

Random Option:  Solid Oak Floor (bevelled only) 20mm thick

Choose your square meterage using the “random” option on the dropdown menu and we pick and pack using a selection of 120, 160 & 200mm widths at varying lengths and deliver as a single order to your specified worries, no hassle it just couldn’t be simpler

NB Bevelled is a small chamfer on the edge of the board to accommodate small variations in the floor (avoiding edges catching or tripping) and also it gives a slightly broader look to the boards.

And finally a word on responsibility and the reason we chose this Timber Mill to partner with, over many others, is not only consistent quality and attention to detail but because they also adhere to a strict code of standards for procurement and operation, their core principles are listed below.

We recognise a responsibility to our customers, suppliers and staff to base ourcommercial activities on well managed forests.


We are committed to sourcing all timber from legal sources and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

Endangered Species

We will not source any timber species prohibited under Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Traceability and Supplier Monitoring

We will seek from suppliers:-
a) evidence of commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance
b) clearest practicable information on the sources of wood products
c) evidence of good forest management practice at the original source of wood products.

Timber Certificate

We will only accept or use labels or certificates which include claims of environmental soundness or sustainability, if these are supported by publicly available standards drawn up in a fully participatory, transparent and objective manner and backed by independent inspection.

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