Biodegradable Mats & Nets For Landscaping

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A range of biodegradable natural mats and nets for mulching, erosion control, ground stabilisation and weed suppression

A complete range of natural fibre products for weed suppression, moisture control, soil stabilisation, erosion control, and general landscaping, designed to ensure that nature is given the best opportunity to re-establish.  For most applications re-establishing natural vegetation is the ultimate design aim when landscaping a project especially if this includes problems of erosion control or soil stabilisation re-establishing plants such as grasses quickly provides sustainable long term erosion protection - the stems absorb rain energy, slow down water runoff and trap sediment, and cushion the impact of foot or vehicular traffic. All grasses will develop a root matrix which helps reinforce the topsoil binding it to the subsoil below; this means the root system improves drainage and soil aeration so reducing the movement of soil particles and consequent erosion or degradation.

When planting with trees or shrubs they also provide similar protection but with the added benefit of giving deeper subsoil reinforcement. Ecomerchant’s range of materials offer short, medium and long term support to assist natural development of plants and grasses which will provide the ultimate long-term and sustainable outcome.

Unlike synthetic materials which do not degrade and remain unattractive all our materials degrade in harmony with the development of the vegetation. The conditions that accelerate decomposition of our blankets and grids i.e. warmth and moisture, also are the conditions in which grasses and plants increase growth.

Where a natural solution is required or the ugliness of synthetic products is a factor Ecomerchant easy to use 100% natural range of mats, nets and blankets will always provide the best option for those who value a truly natural and effective outcome.


Some of the Features & Benefits of using the Ecomerchant range

  • 100%natural
  • Easy to use
  • Look good in use unlike plastic or synthetic barriers
  • Reduces plant stress ensuring very low plant losses
  • Non-chemical weed control for many seasons
  • Allows solar radiation to raise and maintain the soil temperature for fast growth
  • Avoids nitrogen sink effect experienced with bark mulches
  • Eliminates the need for surface coverings such as bark or gravel
  • Smaller sizes ensures economical use
  • Low installation and maintenance costs

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