Ecolan EPDM Pond Liner 0.75mm (Made to measure single sheet) Max 3,000m2

Ecolan EPDM Pond Liner 0.75mm (Made to measure single sheet) Max 3,000m2

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ECOLAN® made to measure pond liner is made from eco-friendly EPDM rubber. The material contains no toxic substances, heavy metals or aggressive softeners and does not leach. These are all qualities that benefit more than just humans: since ECOLAN® does not release any toxins into the water, fish and plants can be placed in the freshly filled pond as soon as the EPDM membrane is laid.

Adaptable and easy to install

Thanks to the EPDM material’s superb flexibility, almost any type of pond can be created with ease. The material is virtually indestructible. ECOLAN® pond liner is made from EPDM rubber. With a lifespan of more than 30 years, we guarantee that ECOLAN® EPDM pond liner will provide you with a long lasting environmentally responsible way to create your water feature.

Advantages of ECOLAN® EPDM pond film at a glance:

  • Elastic and durable
  • Naturally UV and ozone resistant
  • Quick and easy application
  • Can be laid perfectly in all temperatures
  • Flexible in cold weather down to -45°C
  • Frost-resistant down to -45°C
  • Resistant to root penetration
  • Environmentally friendly and long-lasting
  • Predicted lifespan of over 30 years

 Price is per square metre as a guide for pricing, your actual order is made to measure delivered to site as a single piece.

To order please send us the dimensions of the pond or containment area and well do the rest.

This product is not available to buy online. Please allow 5-7 days from order for delivery.

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Ideal for ponds, swales, natural swimming ponds, streams and water features of all types ECOLAN® EPDM pond lining is a professional solution for providing long-lasting waterproofing with outstanding durability and flexibility.


Whether you’ve got a koi pond, wildlife pond or a water garden, ECOLAN® EPDM lining can be used to quickly and easily waterproof garden ponds and water basins measuring up to 3,000 m2.

 The EPDM synthetic rubber is naturally very elastic, extremely hard-wearing, frost-resistant down to -45°C and completely resistant to UV rays and ozone exposure. Thanks to this unique combination of material properties, ECOLAN® EPDM pond lining can be used in an extremely wide variety of areas.

Since the robust lining is resistant to almost all types of root penetration, you can add virtually all kinds of plants to the banks of your pond. However, you should refrain from planting reeds or bamboo on the banks, because even the highly resistant EPDM lining isn’t strong enough to withstand the aggressive growth behaviour of these plants.

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