Glouros Timber Cladding and Masonry Cleaner Interior & Exterior (1806)

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A concentrated multipurpose cleaning agent for interior and exterior wooden- and stone surfaces such as tiles, walls, decks and timber structures and all types of non porous facades. Not suitable for marble, calcareous stone or other material sensitive to acid e.g. terrazzo.

Removes chalk- and cement residue, moss, algae, stains of fungi, salt deposits on facades. Dissolves oil, grease- and protein soiling, completely or partly, depending on the surface. Use to clean down wood before appying Vindo Gloss paint to existing paintwork.

Depending on the density and the amount of soiling, dilute with water at the ratio of 1:10 for cleaning and at the ratio of 1:5 for after-treatment.

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A simple effective and easy to use cleaner the removes chalk, lime, fungi and algae from a wide range of timber and masonry surfaces plus hard surfaces as listed below.

Apply with a sponge or a spraying device directly onto the surfaces to be treated. Rub the dirt off with a non-abrasive pad (normally white) or a sponge and flush or rinse with plenty of water.

Fungi, moss, algae  apply Glouros No. 1806 at a ratio of 1: 10.

To protect the surface against new fungi spray again with a dilution of 1: 5 and allow to dry. Salt deposits; water the surface well then spray surface with a dilution of 1: 20.

Rinse off with plenty of water at low pressure.

Metals Clean light mineral soiling on brass, copper and stainless steel with a dilution of 1: 5 to 1: 20.

For chalk deposits on chrome surfaces a dilution of 1: 5.

For wood dilute Glouros No. 1806 with water 1: 10 and spray on, scrub the dirt with a non-abrasive pad (normally white) or a sponge until the dirt dissolves, then rinse. afterwards re-spray the surface with Glouros diluted 1: 5 and let dry.

Livos have specialist Glouros cleaners for cleaning aluminium of oils and grease and to remove cement from lime free substrates please call to find out more.

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