HatchThatch Loft Access Insulating Pillow (One Size, 105cm x 95cm)

HatchThatch Loft Access Insulating Pillow (One Size, 105cm x 95cm)

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HatchThatch – A retrofit loft hatch product that completely insulates and significantly reduces airflow through and around the loft hatch. Suitable for the 3 main types of loft hatch.

A new ingenious yet simple and highly effective solution to the well-known heat loss/air leakage problem at the loft hatch. It is the only product of its type on the market and should be installed – even retrospectively - alongside general loft insulation to provide a 100% seamless insulation carpet layer.

It is soft and gentle to handle and can be fitted (by anyone) in only 1-2 minutes. One universal size fits all.  As the product is flexible it is simply squeezed to the correct shape and size of the loft hatch and is permanently secured by way of (supplied) Velcro tape.

Fitting tools required: either a pair of scissors or a small knife.

Thermal Condutcivity (W/m2.k) 0.0389

Overall Dimensions (L) 105cm x (W) 95cm x (D) 13.5cm

Price is per unit.(includes velcro fixing tapes)

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HatchThatch is a brilliant, unique, low cost highly effective energy (money) saving product that has been specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridging (gaps in the insulation) and insulation weakness at the loft hatch. It achieves this by providing exactly the same insulation performance and airtightness as the general loft insulation.

As warm air in the home rises it will vent (escape) through the loft hatch assisted by existing loft insulation diverting warm air across the ceiling to the weakest exit point. Further venting assistance is provided by the distance between the bottom and top of the home creating its own (chimney effect) air flow. And yet more assistance to venting is provided by the difference in air pressure between the normal cold loft and the warm house.

In many properties, this means that much warm air (money) is being pumped, sucked and convected through the gaps at the loft hatch. As this warm air escapes it must be replaced by (denser) cold air usually from the bottom of the house which results in further heat loss, cold draughts and additional heating cost.

HatchThatch is easy to fit, suitable for all types of loft hatch.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Remove the loft hatch from the roof assembly if it is of the loose type and place onto a flat working surface i.e. kitchen table. Or,
  2. If your loft hatch is hinged or permanently fixed to the ceiling leave the loft hatch in place.
  3. Remove the sticky backed Velcro from the product and fix this to your loft hatch 1cm in from all the four edges. Cut the velcro straps to length if necessary.
  4. Fix HatchThatch to your loft hatch. By squeezing the main body of the product you can adjust to the right size and shape by attaching the two Velcro strips together. This should enable a perfect fit.
  5. Put back the loft hatch together with the HatchThatch to the roof assembly. The main body of the product insulates the loft hatch and the skirt wil ride up on the ceiling joists to pull the draught excluders into place thus ensuring a tight thermal seal and fit.

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