Heraklith Woodwool Insulation Board

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Heraklith panels are multifunctional boards with several uses. In the UK the main uses are as acoustic and thermal insulation panels to reduce noise, as a plaster carrying board internally and with EWI as a breathable base board for lime and other breathable renders.

Price is per board: This product can only be ordered by calling 01793 847 444

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The main component is shredded wood, or ‘wood wool’ which gives the product its distinctive appearance.  Previously magnesite was used to bind the wood wool but our latest generation uses cement.  Cement makes the boards weather resistant and sufficiently durable to be used externally.  Cement also makes them suitable to be used as passive fire protection panels.

You can use Heraklith wood wool insulation boards in a variety of applications, such as ceilings, external walls, loft floors, pitched roofs of residential or non-residential buildings, agricultural buildings, and even neighbourhoods in proximity to railroads and other sources of noise, they are also naturally attractive, moisture proof, and mould resistant.

Fixing tips:

  • Minimum number of fixings 6 per board
  • Use a holder plate washer for each fixing
  • Use stainless steel screws
  • Use serrated screws such as Heco-fix Plus Pozi to avoid any pre-drilling
  • Screw size 5mm diameter is standard
  • Screw length 4 x diameter needs to be embedded in the stud so on a 25mm thick board using a 5mm screw the correct size is 50mm (board 25mm + Washer 5mm + 4 x diameter 20mm = 50mm)

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