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  1. Fakro Top Hung and Centre Pivot (Dual Function) Roof Windows

    Fakro Top Hung and Centre Pivot (Dual Function) Roof Windows

    Regular Price: £394.00

    Special Price £334.90

    Fakro Top Hung and Centre Pivot (dual Function) Roof Windows, various types and finishes, conservation versions of most of these windows available, please call the office on 01793 847 444 for details & prices.

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  2. Fakro Flashings For High Pivot Roof Windows

    Fakro Flashings For High Pivot Roof Windows

    Regular Price: £69.00

    Special Price £62.10

    Fakro flashings for high pivot roof windows and various roof types

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  3. Ecomerchant FirmGround Reinforced Grass/Gravel Paver Range

    Ecomerchant FirmGround Reinforced Grass/Gravel Paver Range

    A range of simple easy to use reinforcing load bearing intelocking pavers to retain gravel or grass providing active drainage: made from recycled high density polyethylene.

    Ecomerchant FirmGround gravel/grass paver is a modular unit which works in conjunction with its neighbouring units to create an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing structure. Infilled with either grass or gravel the installed system recreates a nautural looking surface but can withstand traffic and pedestrians whilst providing active drainage and helping to prevent waterlogging.

    Available in three strengths

    1. FirmGround 39 - for footpaths, occassional or infrequent use by lighter vehicles
    2. FirmGround 45 - for car parks, access roads cars, vans and occasional lorry traffic
    3. FirmGround 70 - for HGV access and high loadings

    Available in black

    Ecomerchant FirmGround is a key product within a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), whereby the porous paving effects the efficient attenuation, infiltration and treatment of stormwater run-off at or near its source. It is also an ideal product for grass and gravel reinforcement. 

    Price is per m2 (there are 4 pavers per m2)

    Union Jack



    Made in the UK

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  4. Vitaseal Expanding foam compression tape 1

    Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Compression Tape For Gap Sealing

    Regular Price: £8.40

    Special Price £6.72

    Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Tape,use the drop down menu's to select the gap size you need to fill and then the widths available for that size.

    We can cut any gap size tape to almost any width on a 3 - 5 day delivery time please call for pricing.

    Vitaseal 600 is a BBA certified expanding foam tape used for sealing gaps around windows, it can also be used to seal other construction gaps 

    Vitaseal sealing system expands to perfectly fill these voids with 600P a minimum watertightness, airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

    Ideal for passive and energy efficient development and window refitting. At high compressions the Vitaseal tape is also airtight. At lower compressions the tape offers a storm proof weather seal, thermal barrier, acoustic barrier and dust and insect seals. Vitaseal is also recognised for its flame retardancy.

    Vitaseal 600 is supplied precompressed by 85%.  


    Price is per roll

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  5. SupaSoft Insulation Roll

    SupaSoft Insulation Roll

    Regular Price: £48.86

    Special Price £43.97

    SupaSoft Insulation is an itch-free sustainable insulation quilt manufactured from up 95% recycled plastic bottles. It is suitable for all applications, is non-irritant and requires no protective clothing when installing. It is resistant to vermin and insects and does not support mould growth.

    SupaSoft is easy to install – it can be torn in both directions – and can be recycled after the useful life of the building.

    • Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 Wm-1K-1
    • Density: 13 kgm3
    • Specific Heat Capacity: 1100 Jkg-1K-1
    • Vapour Resistivity: 5 MN·s·g–1m–1
    • Ignition Point: >500oC
    • Spread of Fire to BS 5803-4: Pass
    • Recoverability and thickness to EN 823: Pass
    • Dimensional stability to EN 1604: Pass
    • Short term water absorption to EN 1609 method A: Pass
    • GWP (Cradle to Gate): <5 kgCO2e
    • Can be used to achieve airborne sound reduction of Rw = 40dB.
    • Recycled Content: >95%
    • Recyclable: Yes
    • Made in the UK.

    Thickness – 50, 100 & 150 mm

    Width – 390 & 590 mm

    Roll Lengths – 6m (100mm), 4m (150mm)

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  6. Thermafleece Cosy Wool Slabs Sheep's Wool Insulation

    Thermafleece Cosy Wool Slabs Sheep's Wool Insulation

    Regular Price: £129.17

    Special Price £122.71

    Thermafleece CosyWool slab is versatile insulation rich in British sheep’s wool and is a great choice for insulating walls and roofs. Research shows that using 75% wool in combination with recycled fibres outperforms alternative products with a higher percentage of wool. Our wool rich blend ensures you get the full benefit of sheep’s wool with enhanced performance, durability and sustainability.

    CosyWool Slabs are flexible but denser than rolls and sized to provide extra tight friction fit in walls and roofs providing excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

    Thermafleece CosyWool’s convenient compressed form reduces transport impacts by more than 50% compared to other natural insulation and makes it ideal for quick and easy installation. Once unpacked, it regains its original thickness to provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

    Like all Thermafleece products, it is long-lasting, safe to handle and contributes to a healthier indoor environment by regulating moisture and absorbing harmful airborne substances in the home.

    Thermafleece CosyWool is manufactured and supplied in accordance with ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management systems. 

    Union Jack

      100% British wool British made


    • Roofs – Loft & warm roof
    • Walls – Timber frame & solid (internal)
    • Floors – All levels above DPC
    • Acoustic – Walls, floors & roofs

    Price is per Pack  

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