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SupaSoft Insulation Roll

SupaSoft Insulation Roll

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SupaSoft Insulation is an itch-free sustainable insulation quilt manufactured from up 95% recycled plastic bottles. It is suitable for all applications, is non-irritant and requires no protective clothing when installing. It is resistant to vermin and insects and does not support mould growth.

SupaSoft is easy to install – it can be torn in both directions – and can be recycled after the useful life of the building.

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 Wm-1K-1
  • Density: 13 kgm3
  • Specific Heat Capacity: 1100 Jkg-1K-1
  • Vapour Resistivity: 5 MN·s·g–1m–1
  • Ignition Point: >500oC
  • Spread of Fire to BS 5803-4: Pass
  • Recoverability and thickness to EN 823: Pass
  • Dimensional stability to EN 1604: Pass
  • Short term water absorption to EN 1609 method A: Pass
  • GWP (Cradle to Gate): <5 kgCO2e
  • Can be used to achieve airborne sound reduction of Rw = 40dB.
  • Recycled Content: >95%
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • Made in the UK.

Thickness – 50, 100 & 150 mm

Width – 390 & 590 mm

Roll Lengths – 6m (100mm), 4m (150mm)

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SupaSoft is supplied as rolls in 100 & 150 mm thickness designed to fit securely between rafters, joists and studs. It provides excellent thermal insulation performance.

It is long-lasting, safe to handle and can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

SupaSoft can be cut using a straight edge and a Stanley knife, or simply torn apart.

SupaSoft is harmless and can be installed without gloves or protective clothing (although we recommend you wear a dust mask in enclosed spaces such as lofts). It is not irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract.

To retain the benefits of vapour permeability, SupaSoft may be used in conjunction with a vapour permeable underlay. Protect the insulation from prolonged exposure to sunlight when unpacked and avoid wetting for extended periods, store under cover and clear of the ground.

For more accurate cutting, tightly compress or clamp the insulation between two pieces of solid 15mm board. Overhang the fleece where you want to cut keeping the two board edges aligned. Saw cut the edge using a sharp, scalloped edged knife and keep the blade firm and square against both board edges throughout. Trim any fine remaining fibres with large scissors or shears.

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