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Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Compression Tape is NOW XPANDA

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Vitaseal has changed its name to XPANDA

Please click this link for the XPANDA product page

same product, same quality, same performance, BBA certified

Vitaseal 600 Expanding Foam Tape,use the drop-down menu's to select the gap size you need to fill and then the widths available for that size.

We can cut any gap size tape to almost any width on a 3 - 5 day delivery time please call for pricing.

Vitaseal 600 is a BBA certified expanding foam tape used for sealing gaps around windows, it can also be used to seal other construction gaps 

Vitaseal sealing system expands to perfectly fill these voids with 600P a minimum water tightness, airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Ideal for passive and energy-efficient development and window refitting. At high compressions, the Vitaseal tape is also airtight. At lower compressions, the tape offers a storm-proof weather seal, thermal barrier, acoustic barrier and dust and insect seals. Vitaseal is also recognised for its flame retardancy.

Vitaseal 600 is supplied precompressed by 85%.  


Price is per roll

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Vitaseal 600 expanding joint sealing tape is recommended for use in more extreme weather applications (tested to DIN 52453 Watertight Against Driving Rain) and is fully resistant to UV.

This expanding foam tape is supplied in rolls, pre-compressed to approximately 85%.


  • Perimeter seals for windows and doors
  • Expansion joints
  • Side/end laps on roofing sheets
  • Joints for portable or sectional buildings
  • Abutment seals for conservatories
  • Acoustic seal
  • Timber buildings
  • Ductwork
  • Sealing roof lights
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Caravan and mobile home manufacture


  • Quick installation
  • Easy to apply
  • Improves energy efficiency in buildings
  • Expands to find its own level
  • Seals against uneven surfaces
  • Clean product (in comparison to silicones and mastics)
  • Accommodates joint movement
  • Allows ventilation of joint
  • Easy to quantify usage
  • Minimal wastage
  • Can be painted after installation
  • Only need one product to make watertight

Vitaseal 600  will expand from its compressed state to fill a gap once unwound and applied. The decompression takes an average of three hours in ambient temperatures, and longer in colder conditions. Tapes are described by three numbers the first is the tape width e.g. 20mm the second two numbers e.g 7-12mm indicate the inclusive gap size at which the tape will be held under sufficient compression (hence the name compression tape) to perform to its maximum fulfilling all three of the possible functions as explained below.

It is ideally suited for closing gaps between window frames and aperatures during installation to create a perfect primary or secondary seal either vertically or horizontally between brick, concrete, stone and insulation panels as well as to metal cladding systems, curtain walling and skylights.

Compression protection values from uncompressed to 75% compressed:

0%   no compression   -   Protects against the ingress of Dirt, Leaves + Insects.

30% compressed         -  Air flow, Dust + all the above values. 

50% compressed         -  Thermal loss, Acoustic transmission, + all the above values.

75% compressed         -  Driving rain, + all the above values.

To see an 'at a glance' chart showing the full performance range for all sizes please click on the Technical Info tab above and scroll down for the downloads

Vitaseal is an open cell polyurethane foam, impregnated with chemically stabilized acrylics and backed with a high performance acrylic adhesive. It remains permanently elasticand has excellent resistance to UV, mildew and ageing and will not crack, split, bleed or dry out whilst performing throughout continuous movement cycles.

Vitaseal 600 can be painted with any water based acrylic or latex paint and being non-migratory, it is compatible with most caulking materials.

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Technical data and requirements



Classification and categories



Flame-retardant synthetic resin

Raw density (non-compressed)

ISO 845

100 kg/m³ +/- 10%

Temperature cycle resistance

DIN 18 542

-40°C to 100°C

Tensile strength / Breaking elongation

ISO 1798

> 110 kPa / > 120%

Compression strength / Impact strength

NF P 85-571

28 kPa with 75% deformation

Expansion capacity after exposure to weathering in a

durability test.

Resistant to light and moisture

NF P 85-571

DIN 53 397

Satisfied, expansion > 90%

Weathering resistance satisfied

Storage time and temperature


24 months > 1°C < 25°C ***

Stress group / Building materials class

DIN 18542

DIN 4102

BG 1

B 1 (non-flammable)

Water vapour diffusion resistance index

DIN 52 615

μ < 100 comp. 20%

Joint permeability

EN 1026

a < 0.1 m³/[h. m. (daPa)7]

Heat conductivity

DIN 52 612

10 < 0.045 W/m.k

Compatibility with neighbouring building materials

DIN 52 453

Requirements satisfied

Resistance to driving rain

EN 1027

Previously DIN 18 055

Requirements satisfied for the specified


Over 600 Pa

External monitoring

MPA Hanover


Instructions for use

  • Check whether it is possible to use joint tapes.
  • Clean edges of the joints and check that they are parallel (max. 4°).
  • Find the joint width taking into account the movements of the structure.
  • Select the appropriate joint tape.
  • Cut off the starting and end piece and add 1 cm of tape to each metre of joint.
  • Fit from bottom to top, secure the tape with wedges if necessary.
  • To regulate the delayed expansion:
  • Rolls can be warmed in winter and cooled in summer.
  • Compress strip goods mechanically down to the required compression level.
  • Affix the tape to the edge of the joint with a little back displacement (1 – 2 mm).
  • If the joint edges are wet, secure the tape every 20 cm with wedges.
  • Do not place the tape around corners – use butt joints.
  • Cross and T-shaped joints: Vertical joint overlaps horizontal joint, run the vertical joint right through.

Adhesion instructions: The self-adhesion may cause problems in very narrow joints and may be neutralised temporarily with a little water. Prefabricated concrete components and other heavy elements must be installed using the appropriate spacers.

  • Secure the tape residue with adhesive strips and store flat.
  • The expansion time and capacity depend heavily on the storage time and tape age.
  • Position the self-adhesion downwards on horizontal joints.

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