Rauvitherm District Heating Pipe

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RAUVITHERM is a pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe for district heating, biomass, biogas and heat pump applications.  It has proved immensely popular since its launch due to its high flexibility and easy to use REHAU EVERLOC™ jointing system.

RAUVITHERM is manufactured in the UK.

The pipe is supplied in project-specific lengths to reduce any wasteage on site.

RAUVITHERM is available in UNO (single pipe) 25-125mm and DUO (double pipe) 25-63mm.

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Flexible pre-insulated heating pipe system from REHAU

Polymer pipe specialist REHAU has developed Rauvitherm for the rapidly growing pre-insulated pipe market in the UK. RAUVITHERM combines the key advantages of high flexibility with high thermal insulating properties making RAUVITHERM the preferred choice for underground heating pipes.

For all item prices and availability, please contact us on info@ecomerchant.co.uk or phone 01793 847 444 to find out more


  • Greater flexibility due to corrugated outer sleeve and open cell insulation, allowing a tight bending radius
  • Robust HDPE outer sleeve to cope with tough on-site conditions
  • Long lengths up to 350m possible, reducing number of joints needed for long pipe runs
  • Good insulation performance from several layers of insulation and the low thermal conductivity of the insulation
  • Bonded outer layer of the insulation prevents water ingress even if the outer jacket is punctured. This ensures high insulation performance
  • Uses renowned EVERLOC leak-proof fittings and tools


RAUVITHERM is available in single pre insulated pipe (UNO) up to 125mm and twin pipe (DUO) up to 63mm, with a comprehensive range of fittings and accessories

Possible applications

  • Air-source/ground-source heat pump connections
  • Hot/cold water transport
  • CHP and district heating schemes
  • Anaerobic digestion/Biogas plants
  • Swimming pools
  • External plant rooms

For more information on Rehau Rauvitherm pre insulated pipe please see the pdf attachments.  Typically available for delivery  5-7 working days.


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