Marsh MR2 Rainwater Harvesting System Internal and External Use

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Collecting and reusing rainwater at source reduces your mains water demand allowing you to save money on your water bills* whilst doing your bit for the environment by reducing run-off to local drains and rivers alleviating flood risk.

MR2 Benefits

  • Heavy duty shell as standard ensures tank integrity
  • Integral lifting eyes for improved on-site handling
  • Unique ‘keying-in’ lip to assist anchoring into granular or concrete surround
  • Self cleaning, easily accessed filter to improve water quality
  • Pressure sensitive, dry-run protected pump guarantees supply pressure. Automatically turns off when no demand or no rainwater detected
  •  ‘ELITE’ option provides additional level indicator for visible display of tank volume


Complies with BS8515 Rainwater Harvesting Code of Practice and Building Regs (Parts G and H), and often vital to planning approval by assisting compliance to environmental guidelines such as The Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

Prices start from just £2,200 including delivery for a 2,800 litre system.

*In some cases, water consumption can also dictate your waste water billing

Made in Britain

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Ecomerchant harvestable water tableMarsh Rain Cell MR2 is manufactured for home and garden use, utilising the rain for garden watering, washing machines, car washing, toilet flushing etc. The MR2 range includes a GRP tank in a range of sizes from 2,800 litres to 6,000 litres capacity, a 3P automatic top up controller, an inline filter, floating intake, stainless steel pump, solenoid, tundish and calmed inlet.

The MR2  Rain Cell harvesting systems uses rainwater from where it falls rather than diverting it into a surface water drainage network that can lead to flooding and potentially major disruption downstream. The Rain Cell harvesting system reduces our demand on the precious resource of potable water.

Marsh Industries only use 100% virgin resin (no chalk fillers) in all our products. For dimensions of our tanks please download the brochure in the 'Technical Info' tab.

Advantages of the MR2

  • Easy installation with ‘keying-in’ lips and lifting eyes
  • Has a flat bottom so that it doesn’t roll during installation
  • Can be installed in pea-shingle
  • 50 year design life
  • 25 year structural guarantee

A shallow option available for areas in high water table or hard rock conditions please contact our sales department for more information


How the MR2 works

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See the products being made in the UK factory watch the video - see 'Video' tab

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For internal  and external use i.e. washing clothes, flushing toilets, watering the garden and washing your car

MR2  Sizes





MR 2 harvetsers are self cleaning, easily accessed filter to improve water quality, they are supplied fitted with a pressure sensitive, dry-run protected pump whcih guarantees supply pressure and automatically turns off when no demand or no rainwater detected

Please call 01793 847 444 for more details or to see how we can help you design the right system for your site

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