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  1. Bi-Foam foamed glass structural sub floor insulation 1.5m3 bag (similar to TECHNOpor®)

    Bi-Foam foamed glass structural sub floor insulation 1.5m3 bag (similar to TECHNOpor®)


    Although priced Bi-Foam is not available to buy online due to variations in haulage costs normally determined by site conditions, access etc please call us for an instant quote on haulage for anywhere in the UK

    Bi-Foam is an aerated glass foam granulate insulation product manufactured from 100% recycled glass it is lightweight having a loose bulk density typically 170 kg/m3.

    Typically used for...

    1. Load bearing thermal insulation beneath floor slabs and providing a complete replacement for traditional hard-core, blinding, over site concrete and expanded polystyrene insulation construction or precast beam and block and polystyrene insulation flooring.
    2. Load bearing thermal insulation beneath foundations

    Price £131.25 (plus Vatper 1.5m3 bag - calculate the volume you require using the charts below or call us and we will do it for you.

    Please contact us for a site specific haulage cost - We offer FREE DELIVERY on bulk orders and full loads*

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  2. Marmox Thermoblock 1

    Marmox Thermoblock, Load Bearing Thermal Insulation Block (Pack)


    A load-bearing thermal insulation block which eliminates the cold bridge at the wall/floor junction.  Thermoblock BBA

    Marmox Thermoblock is a highly insulating, load-bearing building block that replaces the bottom course of blocks or bricks in a wall to eliminate or significantly reduce the thermal bridge at the wall floor junction.  Made of a strong and rigid epoxy-concrete frame that is integrated with fire-resistant XPS that gives the outstanding thermal insulation providing y values of between 0.03 to 0.07W/mK. 

    Although Thermoblocks are lightweight they are extremely strong and stable having a mean compressive strength of 9.0N/mm2 so can be used in most walls.  Additionally, because they are impermeable to water they can be used in damp conditions without any deterioration in their insulating properties so, not only does Thermoblock reduce thermal bridging, but it also creates a moisture barrier.  


    • Mean compressive strength >9N
    • Thermally more effective than enhanced construction designs
    • Compatible with all block types, bricks and timber frames
    • Creates a permanent waterproof barrier


    • Eliminates cold bridging at the wall/floor junction.
    • Eliminates the cold bridge under parapets.
    • Assists in achieving CfSH levels 4, 5, 6 and Passivhaus.
    • Ensures continuous fabric insulation.

    Price is per pack and is inclusive of carriage

    Thermoblock 100 x 600 x 65  (pack of 18) 20 packs on a pallet – 10.8 linear metres per pack

    Thermoblock 140 x 600 x 65  (Pack of 12) 20 packs on a pallet – 7.2 linear metres per pack

    NB Joint and seal with Marmox Multibond  Allow 1 tube per 40 blocks or ½ a tube per pack

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  3. Eco Slab 1

    Eco Slab, insulated concrete formwork flooring insulation system


    customer rated

    Eco-Slab is an insulated concrete formwork system manufactured from carbon enriched expanded polystyrene. The modular system is easily constructed in a simple five step process. With 100 mm legs creating voids for services and ventilation. The solution is proven for new build ground bearing, suspended flooring systems and retrofit applications.

    Eco Slab Meets and exceeds code 4 and complies with all obligations and current building legislation it is an exceptionally lightweight solution, the advantages of on-site handling and transportation mean lower construction costs whilst considerably reducing the health and safety risks associated with lifting heavier material.

    Price is £225* Per 6m2 standard pack which includes the following components : 6 x Raft (1m2 each), 4 x edge beam, 2 x Infill tiles

    *Price excludes VAT & carriage

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  4. Marmox Multibond 3

    Marmox Multibond Adhesive/ Sealant (Zero VOC) 300ml


    Creates a permanent waterproof barrier, for use with Marmox Thermoblock.  The only sealant available on the market that is completely VOC free.

    Marmox Multibond is a premium sealant-adhesive.  It is made in the UK using the latest environmentally friendly technology to create a 100% solvent free material with absolutely zero VOC’s.

    It is possibly the 'greenest' sealant-adhesive available having no hazardous, environmental or ecological impact.  Unlike other mastics, if it gets on your hands or even clothes it can be washed away with just water without leaving a mark.  Similarly it does not stain stone or ceramic tiling like conventional sealant-adhesives do.  Once Multibond sets it becomes incredibly strong and fully waterproof.

    Being completely solvent free, it is compatible with virtually all materials.  Marmox Multibond is the all-in-one super solution that replaces all your tubes of silicone, acrylic and PU.  It also has acoustic properties so it not only bonds acoustic boards to the floor but also reduces the transmission of impact sound.

    It is also ideal for sealing around shower trays and baths, around bathroom fittings, around kitchen fittings and furniture and also as a grab adhesive.  Because the material is made using a different technology to silicones, acrylics and MS-Polymers, there is no latent chemical process happening within the material that can cause it to discolour; Multibond cannot discolour - it will always stay brilliant white.


    • Visco elastic (allows for movement)
    • Provides Acoustic Insulation
    • Can not discolour - stays white
    • Can apply to moist surfaces
    • Completely Solvent free
    • Eco friendly
    • Fire rated (4 hours)
    • Very high bond strength


    • Sealing Marmox Thermoblock
    • Waterproofing and Bonding
    • Compatible with Polystyrene, Ceramics, Masonry, Wood, Plaster, Plastics, Stone, Metals, even Bitumen!

    When used with Marmox Thermoblock allow 1/2 tube per pack or 1 tube per 40 blocks

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