Drain De-greasing

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Grease Buster is a system for treating fats, oils and grease in hot food establishments. A blend of friendly bacteria and enzymes are dosed automatically by a timed pump operation into the drainage system where the fluid actually digests the fats, oils and grease that clog the drains.

A fit and forget system A fit and forget system in use in many establishments, which conforms to Part H of the Building Regulations. Mains or battery operated the Grease Buster will help maintain an existing trap, reduce insects and rodents, keep drains running free and remove odours.

Easy to install The simple pump can be fitted by any DIY competent person, It just needs screwing to the wall and a 10mm hole drilled in the drain line.



Drain degreaser is a domestic variation of Grease Buster which utilises the same biological and enzyme system to effectively degrease and deodorises domestic drains, simply dose manually on a regular basis.

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