Airtight Loft Hatch

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  1. Wellhofer Attic Hatch and Ladder

    Wellhofer Attic Hatch and Ladder


    Pre-sealed and pre-insulated for airtightness ideal for specification on Passive House and low energy construction.

    • Overall U Value: 0.78W/m2k
    • Supplied with architraves for superior finish.
    • Draught excluder contained in casing and trapdoor, with 70mm insulation preventing heat loss and air leakage.
    • Air sealing - Class 4.

    Manufactured and engineered in Germany and has been tested to stringent DIN standards to comply with airtightness and insulation requirements. The Wellhofer hatch remains airtight even under blower door test conditions.

    •  An airtight seal of the door itself is maintained by means of a pre-stressed spring which ensures the door remains airtight, even when a blower doortest is carried out.
    • The gap between the door and the hatch is sealed with a rubber gasket.
    • This durable seal has been tested against ageing.
    • An Airtight sealing system ensures that no air leakage occurs between the gap between ceiling and frame. This is due to the double sided adhesive tape and Insulation strip.
    • Includes a pre-insulated layer.
    • Comes complete with ladder.
     Price includes
    • Wellhofer Certified Airtight Attic Hatch - Size  Hatch 1200 x 600mm
    • Insulated Door
    • 3 section wooden ladder
    • PVC Architraves
    • Ladder – Floor to Ceiling Height 2850mm


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