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Blowerproof Liquid 'Brush' - A Paint On Airtight Sealing Membrane 300g Cartridge

Blowerproof Liquid 'Brush' - A Paint On Airtight Sealing Membrane 300g Cartridge

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Blowerproof Liquid 'Brush' 300gram cartridge is a quick, clean and easy way to precisley locate the liquid membrane where its needed. the Blowerproof Brush has a gel like consistency and is brush finished to provide a permanant, flexible airtight seal. Blowerproof Liquid Brush is a VOC free, water based, flexible, fibre reinforced, polymer ideal for the airtight sealing of building connections in both new build and retrofit.

Simply apply a bead and brush finish to create an uninterrupted air and vapour -tight seal around penetrations, and for floor / wall connections, wall / ceiling joints, and roof connections

Because the seal perfectly follows the contours of the substrate and in combination with the high flexibility and superior adhesion, the connections remain airtight over the long term. Blowerproof liquid is the fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections.

Ideal for sealing

  • Service penetrations, pipes, cable, ducting etc
  • Window / door jambs
  • Other construction gaps

One 300g cartridge will cover approximately 5 linear metres brushed finished at 75mm wide 

Price is per 300g cartridge

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Blowerproof Liquid Brush is a fibre reinforced paste designed for application with a brush, use the 300g cartridge for precise loaction ont the substrate

Liquid Proof Blower Brush Benefits

  • Versatile for use on a wide variety of building materials like concrete, stone, wood, metal, aluminium,  insulation , EPDM, etc. *
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovation
  • Seamless and secure even with difficult connections
  • Quick and easy application
  • Moist surfaces are no problem
  • Can be over plastered, rendered or painted
  • Fully water-borne
  • Blowerproof Liquid Brush is an optimal product for materials of different coefficients of expansion
  • Extensively tested for adhesion and elasticity

Material: waterborne polymer paste reinforced with fibres

Colour: Blue colour changes to black as drying is completed

Consumption:  between 0.75 and 1.0 kg / m² (about 1.0 mm in thickness) dependednt on substrate porosity

Substrates: bricks, blocks, concrete, stone, wood, metal, aluminium,  insulation , EPDM, etc. *

Extensibility: 380 % (at 0.6 mm dry film thickness )

Crack bridging > 2 mm ( 0.6 mm dry film thickness )

Diffusion resistance number: 76 854 μ

Storage time : 1 year ( in unopened packaging )

Storage temperature : between 5⁰C and 20⁰C

* Adhesion Reports available on request

General application guidance

  • Remove dust and loose particles; remove surface contaminants which may affect adhesion. Treat blemishes; fill holes and cracks ≥3 mm
  • Do not apply when (surface) temperature < 5 ° C
  • Blowerproof Liquid Brush is ready for use, do not dilute with water or solvents; briefly mixing with hand mixer
  • Use a square brush
  • Apply thick enough to ensure air-tightness; indicative consumption: 1.0 kg / m²
  • Avoid during the drying phase contact with any kind of water, other liquids or construction chemicals
  • Cleaning Material: immediately after use with water
  • At least 24 hours to 48 hours to dry before applying another material on the dried - black - finish. (During drying, the colour changes from blue to black).

Typical Applications

Pipes & Penetrations

Ecomerchant Blowerproof Liquid BrushNumerous energy test reports, performed at the end of a construction project, show that pipe penetrations are in many cases a cause for not obtaining the requested level of airtightness. 

For the airtight sealing of of pipe penetrations: first apply polyurethane foam around the pipe penetrations; after hardening, remove the excessive PUR foam, and apply 2 layers of Blowerproof Liquid Brush with a flat paintbrush; in all cases, apply a sufficient, well covering layer to guarantee airtightness.

Window jambs

Ecomerchant Blowerproof Liquid BrushApply a protective tape at max. 5 mm from the side of the profile. This tape needs to be removed shortly after finishing the application of Blowerproof Liquid Brush.  


Floor to Wall

Ecomerchant Blowerproof Liquid BrushIn order to obtain a sufficient airtightness of a building, it is important to make the floor/wall connections on the inside of a building airtight. 

Blowerproof Liquid is an airtight coating which is sprayed with an airless spray device on these floor/wall connections. The substrate must be dust free, solid and free from large cracks or gaps before starting the application. Holes and joints need to be plugged beforehand: large holes and joints (> 5mm) can be repaired with a fast setting cement based product or polyurethane foam, small holes and joints (2-5mm) can be sealed with Blowerproof Liquid Brush.

For larger projects Blowerproof Liquid can be sprayed with an airless paint spray device; this fast application method allows applying up to 300 linear meters per day. See more  by clicking on the 'More Info' tab above

For smaller projects, such as private houses, Blowerproof Liquid Brush can be used with a flat paintbrush, suitable for water based products. Apply in two coats; second coat must only be applied when the first coat is completely black.

Wall to Ceiling

Ecomerchant Blowerproof Liquid BrushThe wall/ceiling connections also need to be made airtight, this can be problematic when the surfaces are of two different types of material such as red brick/concrete or steel/concrete. Different construction materials react differently to changes in humidity and temperature, which can lead to small cracks in plaster or another type of finishing, and so creating air leaks. 

For wall/ceiling connections, both spray and brush applied products can be used: 

Blowerproof Liquid sprayed with an airless paint spray device (1 layer) or Blowerproof Liquid Brush which is applied with a paintbrush in two layers. Apply in two coats; second coat must only be applied when the first coat is completely black.

Examples of an airtightness measurements after application of Blowerproof Liquid Brush are available as a downloads by clicking on the ‘Technical Info’ tab above

Reports - see downloads by clicking on the 'Technical Info' tab above

  • WTCB test reports available, incl. ageing:
  • Damp diffusion resistance factor 
  • Adhesion tests on Aerated concrete blocks, red brick and concrete brick; dry and humid substrates
  • Adhesion tests on OSB and MULTIPLEX; PVC, aluminium, metal, EPDM
  • Adhesion tests of plaster on Blowerproof Liquid coating
  • Elongation at fracture: 250 @ 350%
  • Elongation/tensile strength 120% elongation;  42 N/50mm tensile strength


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