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  1. Pro Clima Kaflex Cable Grommets 1

    Pro Clima Kaflex Airtight Cable Grommets


    Pro Clima Kaflex Airtight Cable Grommet.

    For sealing punctures through the airtight layer for cables.

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  2. Pro Clima Roflex Pipe Grommets 3

    Pro Clima Roflex Airtight Pipe Grommets

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  3. Roflex Solido Plaster-in Pipe Grommet

    Roflex Solido Airtight 'Plaster In' Pipe Grommets For 50mm to 220mm Pipes (pack of 2)


    Product Description

    ROFLEX SOLIDO is a plaster-in airtightness EPDM grommet which features full contact solid acrylic adhesive.


    • Keeps building components dry:
    • quick and simple sealing for masonry and concrete structures, both indoors and outdoors
    • Reliable joints thanks to waterproof SOLID adhesive Practical handling: pipes can be pushed and pulled through the grommet – the joint remains sealed
    • Extremely flexible and elastic, no protruding sleeve
    • Heat resistant up to 90 °c.
    • Can be exposed to external UV for up to 3 months.
    • Construction in adherence with standards: for airtight bonding in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and OENORM B 8110-2
    • Excellent values in the hazardous substance test, has been tested according to the AgBB evaluation scheme / ISO 16000

    Price is per pack of 2 grommets

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  4. Pro Clima Stoppa 1

    Pro Clima Stoppa Airtight Plug For Conduits box


    Only the 20mm & 25mm Stoppa's are stocked products so please allow at least 5-7 working days for deliveries of the other sizes

    A quick and simple secure airtight seal around cables in conduits

    • Seals in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180
    • Flexible press-out plug seals around cables of various diameters
    • Easy to pierce with nails or cartridge nozzles
    • Secure push fit ribs mean secure airtight seal in profile pipes
    • Stoppa can accept more than one cable
    • Easily removed at a later date if needed

    Box sizes are either 20 or 100 per box.

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