Lime Putty

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Traditional lime mortars made with pure chalk lime putty and selected sands for consistent texture. Putty based mortars are suitable for historic repair but care should be taken in the drying and curing process. Contact Ecomerchant for advice when selecting lime putty mortars.

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  1. Lime Putty 23Kg Tub 1

    Lime Putty 16L Tub

    Regular Price: £13.50

    Special Price £12.50

    As low as: £11.50

    Full matured pure lime putty made from Chalk in the UK.

    Blend with sand to produce plasters and mortars or dilute to make limewash.

    Price is per 16L Tub

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  2. Pozzolanic Additive, 25kg bag

    Pozzolanic Additive, 25kg bag


    Pozzolanic additive – 25kg bag, this is 100% "green" as it is a by product of making foamed glass, the leftover clay is then used to make this Pozzolanic additive

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