Maintenance & Cleaning

Ecomerchant stock the full range of Fragile Earth products.

Fragile Earth is all about promoting a healthy environment by providing superior, environmentally safe alternatives to current treatment methods.

The basic formulations for the Fragile earth Bio-Culture range contain 100% naturally occurring beneficial bacterial cultures, enzymes and plant oils that have been used for decades globally for large-scale remediation, pollution control, odour control and environmental protection over a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including health, mining, oil and gas, waste treatment, sewage plants, farming and industrial processing such as paper milling and food production.

The Fragile Earth Bio-Culture range of products are based on these proven products but specifically designed for domestic and smaller commercial applications where similar problems exist, albeit at a much smaller scale, after all, if it works on the big jobs it will work on the little ones as well.

Fragile Earth has a range of 100% natural organic Biocidal products which harness the power of citrus and plant extracts to create a range with a Log6 kill rate meaning that they will kill 99.9998% of all germs, viruses and bacteria they come into contact with. Our unique formulation is certified to EU standards EN1276 for all bacteria types and EN1650 for moulds and fungi. Biocides should be used with some degree of caution as they are a broad spectrum killer but there are often times when a deep sanitising and instant clean is required. It is our view that this is best done with a natural product and not with chemicals.

None of the organisms found in Fragile Earth products is genetically engineered. All their products contain only 100% natural ingredients they are concentrated to save money and reduce waste they provide immediate and residual action and in all cases are manufactured and designed to be non-toxic, safe to humans, animals and plants both in use and disposal.

Fragile Earth products are some of the most effective cleaning and treatment products on the market and it’s all done without the use of chemicals.

Fragile Earth products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients.

Environmental biotechnology is not a new field. The use of microorganisms for composting and wastewater treatment is a well-established practice, natural bio cultures are an efficient, effective and reliable way to transform pollutants into benign substances, generate biodegradable and beneficial materials from waste and increase hygiene levels. Our Fragile Earth products are based on over 30 years of experience in formulating bio cultures for cleaning, maintenance and garden products that do just that. 

Microorganisms are nature's original recyclers they work within the ecosystem to transform natural and synthetic chemicals into sources of energy and raw materials for their own growth and the benefit of the wider ecosystem, a natural alternative to expensive chemicals or physical treatments which can be replaced or supplemented with biological processes that are lower in cost and more environmentally acceptable.

Put nature to work for you with Fragile Earth