100% Pure Sheeps Wool Insulation Premium

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100% Sheepwool Premium insulation is a dense high performance insulating material with a raw density of 20 kg/m3 and a Thermal Conductivity of 0,0385 W/m2K.

Price is per pack

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What is 100%Sheepwool Premium Insulation?

The wool is primarily fine black fleece wool. Black wools maintain all the desirable characteristics of white wools, but are less expensive due to limitations of the colour in the dying process. The final colour of the product is dependent on the blend used during production and is likely to vary. Wool fibres have many overlapping scales which make them very flexible and create a memory-effect, where after significant compression, wool will return to its original shape. Wool fibres are hygroscopic by nature and will have a moisture weight content of up to 35%, dependent on the relative humidity of the surroundings. While absorbing this moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, thus raising the temperature of its surrounding areas. Naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect on the same surroundings.

10 top reasons to use 100%Sheepwool Premium Insulation

  1. The only 100% naturally produced sheep’s wool insulation product on the market. NO Polyester as "filling" material and NO binders.
  2. 100% Sheepwool has been awarded the coveted Nature Plus Seal and has European Technical Approval (ETA)
  3. 100% Sheepwool will keep its insulation value even if moisture is present in the building it is a naturally breathable product
  4. 100% Sheepwool helps to prevent overheating in summer.
  5. 100% Sheepwool keeps it's "loft" through the lifecycle, it does not slump or reduce in thickness over the years unlike polyester or fibreglass
  6. 100% Sheepwool helps to reduce the surface spread of flame.
  7. 100% Sheepwool uses only 15% of the energy to produce when compared with fibreglass and solid foam insulation.
  8. 100% Sheepwool is fully Biodegradable at the end of its life.
  9. 100% Sheepwool  is irritant free and completely safe to use
  10. 100% Sheepwool has no harmful side effects

Where to use 100%Sheepwool Premium Insulation

  1. Attic/Loft Ceiling Level
  2. Attic/Loft Rafter Level
  3. Between Floors
  4. Internal Walls
  5. Ground Floor
  6. External Walls

100%Sheepwool Premium Insulation Size Options

 Thickness mm 

 Dimensions mm 

 Coverage Per Pack m2 

 Weight Per Pack (Kg) 

 Pieces Per pack 

 Maximum Packs/Pallet 

 570mm   width for 600mm centres


570mm x 4m

4.56 m2





570mm x 3m

3.42 m2




 380mm   width for 400mm centres


380mm x 4m

4.56 m2





380mm x 3m

3.42 m2





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Technical Details


Thermal conductivity:

0,0385 W/m2K

Combustibility class:

E s1, d0 / Bs1, d0

BKZ in CH 5,3

* Flammability of an acoustic ceiling element

B s1, d0

Flash point:

570° C – 600° C

Water vapour diffusion permeability:

1 – 2

**Wool protection:

1 % Thorlan IW

*Perforated plasterboard panel 12 mm thick, perforation 18/18-5 mm diameter, ISOLENAWOLLE Optimal (thickness 40 mm), 60 mm rear ventilation compliant with European Norm EN 13501-1.

** Thorlan IW is applied at a level of at least 1% on weight of wool. Thorlan is a titanium based treatment which does not evaporate or diminish with time and remains with the fibre during it’s entire period of use as insulation or in storage prior to that. It is applied chemically to the wool fibre and cannot be removed mechanically. Thorlan IW is not destroyed by washing, humidity or by long continued exposure to UV-radiation. The active substance is not inclined under usual conditions to sublimation. The production of the active substance takes place in a standardised procedure. The product quality is constantly supervised. Thorlan IW is in the European Union chemical law register of certified products.

Thermal conductivity

Values of 100% Sheep Wool Insulation Premium has been measured as follows:

Measured Thermal Conductivity (λ)0,0385 W/m2K

Product Certification 

100% Sheep Wool Insulation is certified for use in walls, floors, roofs and ceilings under the European Technical Approval (ETA) 03/0035. The product is certified to carry the CE mark, for distribution throughout EU member states. 


 100% Sheepwool Premium carries the nature Plus Seal


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