JoistDeck Insulated Acoustic Floorboard 2400 x 600 x 37mm

JoistDeck Insulated Acoustic Floorboard 2400 x 600 x 37mm

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This product is delivered on an oversize pallet so is not available to buy online - please call 01793 847 444 to order 

JoistDeck is an easy to use all in one acoustically insulated floor board.

JoistDeck is a straight to joist composite board which provides excellent acoustic insulation with an easy install saving time and money. Used with the perimeter strip Joist Deck will offer significant improvements in acoustic insulation. Where possible we  always recommend the use of resilient bars for the ceiling below , they are inexpensive and super easy to fit, as they will complete the performance capacity of the whole floor / ceiling make up, if this is not possible then straight to joist will be more than sufficient in most domestic applications.

JoistDeck reduces both airborne and impact sound through timber joist floors and it is installed directly to the joists. It is primarily designed for refurbishment of timber floors where the original floorboards need to be replaced and where there is an issue of raising the floor height. It is also suitable for use with lath and plaster ceilings.

Each board measures 2400 x 600 x 37mm

Price is per board

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JoistDeck  is a high performance overlay board designed to be installed directly on to joists with a resilient acoustic ceiling system below. It comprises 22mm low formaldehyde (see data sheet) T&G4 chipboard laminated to a 15mm chip foam resilient layer made from recycled material.


  • Can be applied direct to joists
  • Shallow build up
  • Supports domestic loadings as defined in BS6399 Part 1
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Conforms to Part E Building regulations
  • GWP (global warming potential)  <5
  • Recycled content and recyclable

Conversions and Refurbishments

Older buildings were often constructed without sufficient consideration to the control of the transmission of sound between dwellings. In addition the level and types of domestic and external noise sources have increased significantly. Many buildings simply do not meet the requirements of both today’s legislation and peoples’ expectations of acceptable noise levels. In a conversion project it is necessary to establish whether proposed dwellings will have separating walls and/or floors. It is wise to carry out pre conversion sound tests to establish whether any existing floors and walls meet the performance requirements of the regulations. If they do and the floors / walls are unaltered then these tests may provide evidence of compliance. If not then Ecomerchant have a carefully selected range of tried and tested products which can be used to upgrade the acoustic performance of floors, walls and ceilings in conversions and refurbishment projects all designed  to meet or exceed Building Regulations.

Performance requirements of the Building Regulations

Separating walls and floors should be built to meet the following requirements:


* The definition of a traditional building is a building or part of a building of a type constructed before or  around 1919:

a)       using construction techniques that were commonly in use before 1919: and

b)       with permeable components , in such a way that promotes the dissipation of moisture from the building fabric.

Completed constructions are required to be tested by an accredited acoustician to demonstrate compliance with the Regulations.


A quick note on Flanking Transmission

Flanking transmission is where sound is transmitted indirectly between one room and another through adjoining parts of the structure rather than directly through the separating wall or floor. Often this will be through walls or floor joists, whichj means that direct contact in areas where sound can bypass the insulation need to be identified. It is important to identify potential flanking paths in advance as they can reduce the performance of the acoustic floor, wall or ceiling treatment. Typically this is why we suggest associated products such as perimiter strips when laying boards.

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