Lime Green Silicate mineral paint for render 12.5 litres

Lime Green Silicate mineral paint for render 12.5 litres

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A highly breathable and long lasting mineral paint. It is not film forming so will never peel or blister. Suitable for over-painting existing lime render finishes Lime Green silicate paint uses waterglass as a binder and through the process of silicification actively binds to the substrate to form  a long lasting durable finish.

Lime Green Silicate Paint in combination with renders and plasters offers the ideal properties for a healthy building. It provides low water absorption yet high vapour exchange, combined with excellent durability. Additional attributes are absolute light fastness and resistance to Ultra Violet light.

An effective self-cleaning effect results in pure bright facades - even after many years - free from dirt and algae.

Yeild: 0.13 Litres/m2 (approx.) Price is per tub

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Waterglass technology – durability through silicification

Such incredible durability  is made possible by the chemical process of silicification; the liquid product reacts to become solid silica, permanently fused to the sand in our render. This results in a finish highly resistant to weathering, fire and Ultra Violet light. Lime Green Silicate Paint does not form a film that is “bonded” to the surface, but becomes part of the render through silicification – the chemical reaction between render and potash waterglass in the Silicate Finish.

This contrasts with conventional coatings which form films, such as synthetic dispersion or silicone resin emulsion paints. In these a resin dries and bonds the material to the surface with the pigments and fillers. This produces a far less porous coating and an impermeable film unsuitable for natural insulation systems and solid walled buildings where breathability is paramount.

These film-forming coatings tend to become brittle when weathered, cracking and eventually spalling - a sign of the lack of interaction with the substrate. For ecological and economic reasons, from the point of view of building physics and durability film forming coating systems should be avoided in old buildings and breathable construction. 

Colour range

Please note that colours on screen may vary from actual finishes. Use this colour chart to narrow your choice of finishes then get in contact with us for your your colour samples

Ecomerchant Lime Green Silicate Paint Colours

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