Lindab Guttering Technical Page

There are many questions that may be asked when attempting to figure out what gutter products are required for a building. This page attempts to answer some of them but if you have any more, please either check the information on the technical tab below or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0845 603 5688 or email your enquiry to

  1. What guarantees does the system have? Lindab Rainline coated products come with a 15 year guarantee. This guarantee covers the whole system including the steel itself. Please see the relevant Lindab Rainline Warrantee pdf for for further details.

  2. What size of gutter should I use? This depends upon the square meterage of the roof area. Page two of the Lindab gutter technical roof drainage system pdf shows how to work out what is required. If you are not sure, please contact our sales office on 0845 603 5688 who will gladly check the correct specification for you

  3. What colours does Lindab Gutter it come in? Lindab gutter comes in 10 base colours plus galvanised, the majority of which are available ex stock. Colours are shown on the colour chart below. Further colours and alu zinc coated are available to order and can be viewed in the colour chart pdf. The whole system is even available in pure natural copper! To find out about delivery lead times on coloured systems, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0845 603 5688

  4. What type of paint is used to colour Lindab gutter? Lindab uses an extra durable high build polyester paint finish on all coloured products.

  5. What angle should the gutter be laid at?  The answer is 2.5mm drop over 1mtr

  6. How far apart should the gutter brackets be spaced? 800mm. Take the linear meterage and divide by 0.8 and add 1 bracket i.e. 10m/0.08 + 1 = 14 brackets.

  7. Will I require any extra gutter brackets? Possibly but only a detailed takeoff of the roof will point out any extra that are required. If you are not sure, please email your layout drawing clearly showing sizings to for verification

  8. How long is the gutter and downpipe? 3mtrs

  9. Can I get short lengths? No to the gutter but you can get 1mtr long down pipes. However, the gutter is easily cut with a hacksaw

  10. How many gutter joints will be needed? One per length of gutter minus 1 i.e 10mtrs = 4 lengths - 1 = 3 joints. You will also need 2 extra joints for each internal or external corner that you order

  11. What length of gutter can I install before I need to install a downpipe? One downpipe should be installed for every 10 linear meters of gutter. See pictures below for an indication of where they should be installed

  12. Are there different brackets for different roof types? Yes, please check page 5 of the technical brochure for types available

  13. What size down pipe should be used with which size gutter? The truth is that all downpipes fit all sizes of gutter but in practice 75mm fits 100 and 125mm gutter. 87mm fits 125 & 150mm gutter and 100mm downpipe fits 150mm gutter. Please check the roof area calculator in the technical brochure for a more precise match

  14. What is the required spacing for downpipe brackets? One for every 1.5mtr length of downpipe

  15. Fed up with reading? Want to ask a live person about the system? Please ring 0845 603 5688 and talk to one of our friendly team