Blowerproof Primer43 (5Kg)

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PRIMER 43 is a water-based primer, applied on porous and less cohesive substrates, prior to the application of waterborne dispersion coatings. The use of this primer will consolidate the substrate and improve the adhesion of coatings on difficult substrates.

Use with Blowerproof Liquid Membranes: although Blowerproof membranes do not normally require a primer where Blowerproof is applied directly to plasterboard or gypsum plaster the manufacturer recommends the use of Primer 43.

Typical uses:

  • on older dusty substrates to consolidate
  • on water sensitive substrates such as gypsum board and gypsum plaster.

Coverage: typically 100g/m2 dependent on substrate porosity

One 5kg can will cover up to 50 square metres.

Price is per can


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Technical Summary


  • Liquid
  • Colour: milky white
  • Density (kg/l): 1,0-1,1
  • pH: 9,0-10,0
  • Solid content (%): >20%
  • Shelflife: 12 months in unopened packaging and if stored properly. Protect against frost
  • Harmful according to 1999/45/EG: no.
  • Consult the SDS.


  • Do not dilute
  • Apply only on porous substrates
  • Shake before use
  • Minimal application temperature: +5° C
  • To be applied between +5° C to +35° C
  • Do not apply in sunlight.
  • Clean tools with water.

Packaging: 5 litre can


PRIMER 43 is not harmful according to current regulation. Nevertheless, it is recommended to follow the guidelines for using chemical products. Consult the safety data sheet prior to starting the application.

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