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The award-winning LoftZone StoreFloor is the fastest, easiest, way to create a safe access or storage deck above up to 350mm of loft insulation. Fitted in as little as 7 minutes/m2 and able to take over 500kg/m2, StoreFloor allows developers to meet safe access building regulations without compromising on insulation, and allows occupants to use their loft for storage.

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LoftZone StoreFloor is the fastest and strongest way to create storage space and safe access above loft insulation, because of our unique design:

  • The patented StoreFloor loft storage system consists of only 3 parts: the recycled plastic Tri-Supports which screw into your joists and carry the load, the metal Cross-Beams which slide on to the Tri-Supports and which you screw the boards on to, and the optional recycled plastic Uni-Supports, which stiffen up the deck in areas where the load is highest.
  • Each part only requires two screws, making StoreFloor much faster to install than any other system.
  • The Cross-Beams make the raised deck strong enough to walk upon. They also slide along the top of the Tri-Supports, giving adjustment for the common problem of variable spacing between joists. Without this unique feature, the boards may not reach the next joist and could be unstable.
  • The Cross-Beams usually span over one or two joists. So if you have obstructions on some joists, or they are uneven, just miss those joists out altogether.
  • The height of the StoreFloor system was precisely designed, with advice from the Buildings Research Establishment, to leave an air gap between the top of the insulation and the underside of the boards to prevent condensation. Note that some other raised loft products aren't tall enough for this essential feature.
  • StoreFloor is much lighter and faster than using timber to raise the loft floor, and is a better insulator too - keeping your heating bills down. In fact, using timber to raise a deck above your insulation isn't allowed under Building Regulations for new houses anymore, because of the heat lost.
  • StoreFloor is cheaper and easier to fit than boarding over rigid insulation, and doesn't contain chemicals which damage electrical cables, like some rigid insulation products do. 

StoreFloor has won awards from Oxford University, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Building and Construction UK Magazine and the Mayor of London. It was also voted best invention of the year by the Ideal Home Show and supported by the Carbon Trust. A UK invention, and made in the UK, it has been fitted into thousands of properties in Europe and North America, domestic and commercial, new build and retrofit.

Technical description:

  • Material – galvanised steel and recycled plastic
  • Strength – completed decks were tested to withstand over 500kg per square metre without failure, in an accelerated lifetime test of between -10 and +60 degrees C.
  • Only two screws (wood screws, 4x40mm) required per part, making installation very fast

Other products used when upgrading your loft may include:

  • Loft ladders
  • Loft boards (typically tongue-and-groove, either 1220x325x18mm or 2400x600x18/22mm)
  • Loft insulation
  • Loft hatches
  1. Great product & price Review by Mabel

    Used this in my loft great product and does exactly what is says on the box, really easy to use and great end result.

    Fereday (Posted on 29/03/2019)

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