Concentrated Medi Bath, Whirlpool Bath & Jacuzzi Cleaner

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A simple to use micro-emulsion sachet

Just drop it into the water to activate - no mess, no waste.

Price is per 1 sachet

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A Soluble sachet disinfectant, delivered CARRIAGE PAID.

This cleaner is an extremely concentrated cleaner and descaler containing a highly potent biocide system making the product very effective for use in Jacussi, Hydro Spa and Jet Type Bathing Systems. When used in these systems the product will clean and disinfect the entire bathing system including water jets and pipes which are areas within these systems that are susceptible to bacterial contamination. This product is effective against MRSA, Hepititis B & H.I.V

  • - Fill the bath with warm water so that the water level covers all jet outlets
  • - Remove the sachet from the outer packaging
  • - Place sachet into the bath and allow sachet to dissolve for 2 minutes
  • - Swirl water to speed up the dissolving of the sachet
  • - Switch on pump and circulate for 15-20 minutes and then empty away
  • - 1 sachet is sufficient to treat a standard Jacussi / Spa / Whirlpool Bath


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