Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Thermafleece EcoRoll Natural Insulation

    Introducing Thermafleece EcoRoll - A Naturally Affordable Insulating Solution
  • Let the sunshine in with Sun Tubes

    Light tubes - also known as light pipes are a way of directing natural light into a building, they are installed into a wall or a ceiling to transport the light from outside the property into the desired area. The tubes can be straight or slightly bent and can also be lined with reflective materials to pass the light through the tube. They are becoming an increasingly popular feature being installed into new design and architecture projects as they have a number of benefits.
  • Celebrity Sun Pipes - Natural light for the Big Brother house!

    Our sun pipe supplier - Monodraught has installed seventeen 450mm diameter Diamond Dome sun pipes to the performance area within the Garden complex of Channel 5’s Big Brother House in Elstree. The company were were approached by Endemol who are the UK’s largest production company to provide natural daylight to the Garden room space.

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