Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Should tradespeople know about airtightness?

    Achieving a reasonable level of airtightness is important for the energy efficiency of dwellings and the comfort of occupants. The benefits of improved insulation levels and more energy efficient heating systems are lost if warm air can leak out of a building and cold air can leak in energy, leaking energy is leaking money.
  • U values for Dummies

    In the course of our day to day business we encounter plenty of customers, builders and trades who find U values a little confusing especially when it comes to understanding what the U value actually means and how it will affect or benefit the performance of a building, so we have compiled a brief 'U-Value for dummies' style explanation to help.
  • Paint: Human health and the environment

    This is guidance we give to specifiers and architects on how to choose environmentally sound performance paint. Read on to find out why:

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