Monthly Archives: August 2020

  • A Brief History Of Lime Plaster And Mortar In Construction

    Lime is a traditional building material that is strong, flexible and permeable. Buildings built using lime mortar can move and absorb moisture, in comparison to cement mortar which is rigid and inflexible. Here, we look into the history of lime plaster in construction from Roman times to modern construction as an integral eco-friendly material.
  • Design Principles For Airtight Buildings & Construction

    Designing for airtightness is an essential part of building work in the UK and abroad, and involves a multitude of considerations, skill sets and experience to meet building regulations. Fundamentally, the air barrier of a building comprises a set of elements that work together to deliver airtightness. These should be considered iteratively throughout the design process. Here we look at the considerations that are integral to designing a building to achieve airtightness, how these are achieved and checked, how to get it right on site, and what can happen when it all goes wrong.

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