Banish ill fitting leaky windows and doors by using the right product for the job

How do you fill gaps round windows, doors or other construction gaps - with spray foam or silicone?

There is a better, engineered, certified, proven and cost effective way to seal such gaps. Compression tapes, pre compressed self-adhesive tapes that expand to permanently fill and seal the gap.

Compression tapes are designed to seal gaps, protect against dirt ingress, seals against driving rain wind, so for the installation of any window, door or construction gap they are the solution to maintaining the integrity of an airtight and thermally efficient building shell.

Some typical uses

  • Perimeter seals for windows & doors
  • Expansion joints
  • Joints for portable or sectional buildings
  • Abutment seals for conservatories
  • Acoustic seals
  • Timber buildings
  • Ductwork
  • Sealing roof lights
  • Installation of solar panels


  • Quick installation
  • Easy to apply self-adhesive side to aid initial location
  • Breathable – for vapour diffusion
  • Continually expands and contracts to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Weather seal for wind-driven rain
  • Improves energy efficiency in buildings
  • Expands to find its own level
  • Seals against uneven surfaces
  • Clean product
  • Easy to quantify usage
  • Minimal wastage
  • Can be painted after installation
  • Water tight seal with just 1 product

Installation is simple and quick, the benefits long lasting and permanent.

More about Vitaseal 600

Vitaseal 600 is BBA certified is recommended for use in arrange of applications including more extreme weather applications (tested to DIN 52453 Watertight Against Driving Rain) and is fully resistant to UV.

Vitaseal 600 expanding foam tape is supplied in rolls, pre-compressed to approximately 85% and  will expand from its compressed state to its maximum once unwound and applied. The compression takes an average of three hours in ambient temperatures, and longer in colder conditions. It is  ideally suited for closing gaps between window frames and apertures during installation to create a perfect primary or secondary seal either vertically or horizontally between brick, concrete, stone and insulation panels as well as to metal cladding systems, curtain walling and skylights.

Most of air leakages in buildings are due to poor insulation between openings, windows and walls. Vitaseal sealing system expands to perfectly fill these voids with 600Pa minimum watertightness, airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Available in multiple thicknesses and widths, Vitaseal is suitable for gaps up to 40mm.

Compression protection values from uncompressed to 75% compressed:

0%   No compression   - Protects against the ingress of Dirt, Leaves + Insects.

30% compressed         - Air flow, Dust + all the above values.

50% compressed         - Thermal loss, Acoustic transmission, + all the above values.

75% compressed         - Driving rain, + all the above values.

This tape is an open cell polyurethane foam, impregnated with chemically stabilized acrylics and backed with a high performance acrylic adhesive. It remains permanently elastic and has excellent resistance to UV, mildew and ageing and will not crack, split, bleed or dry out whilst performing throughout continuous movement cycles.

Vitaseal 600 can be painted with any water based acrylic or latex paint and being non-migratory, it is compatible with most caulking materials.

Vitaseal BBA Certificate




Downloads and more information

See the manufacture and installation video on the Vitaseal product pages - here

Download the  Vitaseal 600 sealing performance chart  from any of the Vitaseal product pages

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