Best selling breatheable racking board is withdrawn from sale

The last Panelvent board was sold on Thursday the 25th September - this week - so now Panelvent® one of the best known performance breathable racking boards has finally been withdrawn from sale in the UK. The board was a best seller, a popular and proven way to achieve high racking strength and breatheabitliy in timber frame construction.

The now withdrawn much loved  Panelvent board


For over 15 years Ecomerchant has supplied the  brand leading breathing external wood based panel into the UK market.  With its distinctive green facing, Panelvent® was specified and used wherever there was a demand for high racking strength combined with a water vapour open structure.

But despite the demise of the much loved old Panelvent it has a replacement in the NEW Panelvent® DHF board. This board has been introduced to offer improved breathability, freeing the designer to specify a wider range of internal linings on a structure. This avoids the risk of interstitial condensation and promotes the use of natural insulation products such as wood fibre,  sheep's wool, cellulose or hemp within a wall or roof make up.

The difference between Panelvent® and NEW Panelvent® DHF is summarised below:

The NEW Panelvent DHF boardThe NEW Panelvent DHF board


 Panelvent®  Panelvent®  DHF
 EN Standard  EN622-2-2004  EN622-5-2004
 Colour  Green  Fawn
 Thickness  8.5mm  13mm
 Mean water vapour resistance  2.2MNs/g  0.715MNs/g
 Exposure  Max 3 weeks  Max 6 weeks


Environmental /performance advantages

  • Panelvent® DHF is manufactured using sawdust and woodchips from debarked coniferous softwood sourced from a neighbouring sawmill and cultivated, sustainable forests.
  • Panelvent® DHF is manufactured using approx 88% dry wood fibres.
  • The board is PEFC certified,
  • Panelvent® DHF sheathing has an ultra-low formaldehyde emission of less than 0.03ppm to comply with strict European directives.
  • Panelvent® DHF is more vapour open than many types of sheathing materials currently in use throughout the construction industry and therefore lends itself to be used in conjunction with suitable hygroscopic insulation materials to create “breathing wall construction”. Typically the water vapour transmission resistance of plywood is 4.78 MNs/g whereas Panelvent® DHF is 0.715 MNs/g.

The NEW Panelvent® DHF boards are now available from Ecomerchant ex stock

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