Buy Argilus clay plasters online

Argilus decorative clay plasters are now available to buy online

If you are looking for wall finishing ideas, these decorative clay plasters might be the perfect thing. They come in 12 natural colours and are a design classic, full of warmth and character. The natural clay gives an unmistakable and beautiful finish for any style of house. This type of internal wall cladding is a wonderful alternative to paint and has proven very popular with home owners and designers alike.

You can choose between smooth and textured finishes, depending on the "look" you want to achieve and the soft colours allow you to tone the plaster with the other colours in your room.

Traditionally made these plasters have been the product of choice for designers, artisans and craftsmen alike over the past 10 years. Argilus is very easy to apply.  Simply choose your preferred colour plaster, prepare your wall with Argilus Primer and Base Coat then apply your decorative plaster. Like gypsum plaster, the only thing you need to make it work is water. As you don't need to paint the walls, you can start using your room as soon as the plastering is done and you have tidied up!

Each bag of finish plaster covers around 5 to 6 square metres.

The range has been developed to suit modern methods of construction. When used with a specially developed brush-on primer coat the same finished effect can now be achieved with any sound substrate including plasterboard, block, concrete, brick or masonry.

Argilus 100% Natural Clay based products

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