• Is lime a forgotten building wonder product?

    Lime; a building wonder material...we think so and here's why
  • Effective natural landscaping

    Erosion of the landscape can be a serious problem whether it is caused by wind, water (nature) or human activity. For many years the solution  has been to pile quantities of stone, concrete or plastic membranes, nets or matts into the ground to try and control the degradation of soil
  • Insulation materials compared

    Insulation materials compared, the pros and cons, performance and benefits
  • "Light at the end of the tunnel" for UK housing?

    60 per cent of new homes in the UK are built by just 10 companies
  • Are self builders driving up quality standards?

    the self-build sector delivers well-built, well-performing, high quality and spacious homes
  • Breathable building & airtightness explained

    There are a number of terms concerned with construction that are often misunderstood or misused, would you be comfortable explaining ‘breathability’ to someone else? before reading on try to create a definition in your mind you would be happy to go public with. There is no intention to deceive it’s just that building terms are often widely used without anyone asking for a full explanation, maybe people don’t ask due to shyness or maybe because the word itself appears self explanatory, or so you might think.
  • "We must stop building poor quality houses"

    Building regulations are no guarantee of quality
  • Solatube introduces 'passive standard' enhancement kit

    Solatube have introduced a UK first, an enhancement kit for their standard Brighten Up® tubular daylighting system that meets Passive House standards. This award winning development is a real bonus to designers and builders who can now use daylight to light up inaccessible or closed off internal spaces without compromising the building fabric or performance of a passive designed house.
  • Paint-on- airtightness….really…….are you kidding?

    Paint and spray airtight membrane is game changer
  • Wind-tightness - the missing link in thermal performance

    How the effect of wind can compromise the thermal performance of a building

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