Create a beautiful green roof in an instant

EM Green RoofCreate a beautiful green roof in an instant with our new pre-planted sedum trays. The patented foam trays attenuate and store water whilst allowing the plant's roots to penetrate so by the time the pre-sown trays get to you the 6 varieties of sedum are well established and ready to flourish on your roof.

EM Instant Green RoofThe system can be used on any structurally sound roof from 0° to 15° it is quick and easy to install. It can be laid at a rate of 60m2/h compared to 10m2/h for conventional systems. The pre-cultivated trays are manageable at height and can easily be cut to size.

The system is really so simple, first ensure that the roof is structurally sound, any good structural engineer will be able to calculate the load requirements for a green roof. The saturated weight of the trays is around 77kg's per square metre. The trays are the plant's growing medium and are designed to attenuate water so a root barrier / waterproof layer is required underneath the trays over the roof.

TrayWe recommend "Easy Cover" a BBA approved EPDM. This membrane is factory made to size (we have made these up to 500 square metres) so you receive a single membrane avoiding issues with jointing on site. The membrane also acts as a root barrier so no extra membranes or drainage are required; n most cases the weight of the sedum trays is sufficient to avoid the need for direct bonding of the EPDM to the roof with only the perimeters and up stands glued to retain the membrane in place. Once the membrane is installed then the trays are placed directly onto the waterproofed roof....job done.

This and many more landscaping products can be found on the Ecomerchant website or call us to find out more.

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