Ecomerchant backs Grenspec’s PASS accreditation?

Greenspec PASS marque is awarded to genuinely environmentally friendly building materials and this is a real benefit to Ecomerchant customers


The Ecomerchant team has great respect for the Greenspec PASS marque, which is only awarded to genuinely eco-friendly building materials. “It makes it easy for our customers to understand the true green credentials of the vast arrange of building materials available,” explains Will Kirkman,  of Ecomerchant.

Before any building product is awarded a PASS marque, it undergoes rigorous scrutiny and must be endorsed by practicing architects and specifiers. PASS aims to make it simple to differentiate between genuinely 'green' construction products and materials and those with lesser or indeterminate green credentials.

This means that you can choose PASS marque products with confidence. It makes life much easier for those of us who want to create eco-friendly buildings, knowing that Greenspec have used a proven and trusted methodology to assess the environmental impact and the product’s contribution to overall building performance.

Ecomerchant has always been a strong advocate of natural and healthy construction and we have always referred to some products as “green” or “greener than others”. But how do you know which is which?

We categorise a green product in the following ways:

  1. those that have one or more positive environmental benefits over other products that perform the same job,
  2. those that enhance (often incrementally) the performance of the whole structure and
  3. those that are the least harmful in manufacture, use and disposal.

The PASS marque ensures that these driving principles are measured in a reliable and authoritative way. When you buy a PASS marque product, you can be confident in the knowledge that it will meet your needs in terms of environmental impact and performance.

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