Ecomerchant Grease Buster and Ecomerchant Drain Degreaser


Ecomerchant Grease Buster and Ecomerchant Drain Degreaser

Break down fats oils and grease naturally and harmlessly in your drain to remove odours and prevent blockages. Suitable for any commercial or busy kitchen. Also available Ecomerchant Drain Degreaser for domestic and occasional use.

Smelly, blocked drains and grease traps are rapidly becoming a major issue in many food processing factories, restaurants and fast food outlets. To address this issue Pulsonic Bioscience has developed a new drain and grease trap maintainer called Ecomerchant Grease buster, which removes grease and odours at the source, while keeping drains, and grease traps free flowing.

Ecomerchant Grease buster is an innovative, self-contained solution to grease management. Designed under building regulation part H, it protects drain lines and fat traps from blockages from heavy fat, oils and grease build up.  The system utilizes patented new bacterial technology to facilitate efficient and effective natural drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment as found with chemical enzyme alternatives, which normally put the greases into solution and simply move the problem downstream. Ecomerchant Grease buster works differently by combating grease management on two fronts. Where many ‘solutions’ either have a bacterial or enzyme treatment, Ecomerchant Grease buster employs the power of both. Bacteria take time to digest the greases, and enzymes simply break down and move the problem, rather than removing the source. By employing advanced natural enzymes, Ecomerchant Grease buster breaks down the fatty chains (including fats, oils, grease, and biological matter) into manageable bite size pieces, which then become a food source for the bacteria. The bacteria can then rapidly digest and remove the organics at source, thereby keeping drains and grease traps free flowing! Even after dosing, this advanced bacterial formulation has a residual effect to maintain drains and grease traps by lining the surfaces with a ‘BIOFILM’. The ‘BIOFILM’ continues to protect, repel and digest greases up to 16 hours after dosing. The success of Ecomerchant Grease buster is based on the high quality and concentration of the bacteria used in comparison to competitive products. Ecomerchant Grease buster bacteria are cultured in advanced laboratories and freeze dried as opposed to the more common spray dried process normally used. This ensures that no contamination and degradation of product occurs.

Whilst blocked drains are a problem, odours generated from drains are increasingly a problem, even if the drain is not blocked. This can have an extreme negative impact as odours linger and the use of chemical cleaners and deodorisers only provide a masking agent and not a permanent solution. The source of odours is anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that survive without oxygen). These anaerobic bacteria are extremely resilient to chemicals and rapidly breed whilst the drains and grease traps have no flowing liquid in them. They reside in cracks and joints and are extremely difficult to attack.  Anaerobic bacteria produce foul smelling odours such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan. Ecomerchant Grease buster offers an extremely effective solution to odour control as it contains specialist aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, which remove the odour causing bacteria by effectively cannibalising them, thus removing the problem on a permanent basis. Ecomerchant Grease buster bacteria hunt out and destroy the odour generating bacteria and again, after use, the BioFilm prevents them returning to breed again.

Ecomerchant Grease buster is now used in many Industrial Food Manufacturing plants and high street restaurant chains as the only means of effectively maintaining drains from blockages and removing foul odours.


The Ecomerchant Grease buster formulation is the result of many years research into grease and wastewater management. Ecomerchant Grease buster uses a multi spore blend of 14 strains of bacteria and biological enzymes. These strains of natural, non-genetically modified bacteria have been chosen because of their synergistic and natural properties to combat all forms of fat, oil and grease build up, all commonly found in commercial kitchens.

The unique bacterial formulation is designed to be resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals and pH environments..

Where should be Ecomerchant Grease buster installed?

The Ecomerchant Grease buster is developed to comply with all legislation, particularly Building Regulations Part H, 21.2. Ecomerchant Grease buster is designed to combat fat, oil, and grease build up in all commercial kitchens, which lead to blocked drains. The Ecomerchant Grease buster can also complement current systems, such as grease traps and physical removal systems.

Designed to be ‘fit and forget’ system, the Ecomerchant Grease buster is attached to the drainage system, next to the first drain or dish washer.

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