Extended car parking with grass pavers

Periodic spells of increased car parking requirements often causes a dilemma of whether to hard surface areas of a business premises or garden. The use of grass pavers have become a well-known alternative to traditional surfacing such as tarmac, concrete or pavers.

Green overflow car parking


grass pavers help keep overflow car parking areas green. All too often we lose green space to hard landscaping which in turn adds to surface water run-off and the urban heat island affect. A grass paver system supports the trafficking of vehicles over a grass surface by minimising the impact on the grass.

The grass pavers are laid on top of a sub structure including a sub base layer adopting the same principles as traditional drive way/car parking designs. Each grass paver is made up of a matrix of cells which are then in-filled with either topsoil & turf or gravel.

Grass or gravel infill options both enable the creation of green overflow car parking solutions. They provide a free draining surface layer for most ground conditions. If you need advice or guidance please contact us sites with non-porous soil conditions such as heavy clay can still take advantage of a grass paver system but additional sub base drainage maybe required.

One of the downfalls with turning a green space into a hard surfaced overflow car park or drive is the effect on ecology. By opting for a grass paver system is its ability to support some of nature’s smaller creatures. Insects can take refuge in between gravel or in grass, especially if the grass is left to grow to around 5cm in height or more.

Designing and specifying a grass paver system

The team of experts at Ecomerchant are happy to assist with sub base design suggestions please contact us for further details.

Grass Pavers – Buy Online

Ecomerchant offer excellent rates on the Agrablock and Integra grass pavers.

Agrablock grass pavers

Agrablock is an ideal product for overflow car parking, camp sites, cycle ways and many other applications. Agrablock can be used as part of a sustainable drainage system the porous nature of the product helps to support attenuation and infiltration applications.



A heavyweight alternative to Agrablock. is Integra which supports the trafficking of heavy goods vehicles.

Grass protection products

We also sell grass protection as a temporary solution for overflow car parking. Grass protection is sold in rolls which are rolled out onto grass surfaces and pinned down.

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