Fire testing wood fibre like you have never seen it before.... strangely boring but still compelling.

You will want to watch all of this. This has to be seen to be believed.

From a Russian team who wanted to test various insulation products. Their methods are basic and a little rudimentary but boy does it prove a point,  if the truth be known the video does go on a bit, but it illustrates what happens when you try to set fire to different types of insulation. Click more to see the video

The natural insulation products they are testing are very similar to ones you can see in our insulation section. Roughly translated the products they are testing are:

Test samples

1. Non-flammable rock wool density 35 kg/m 3 thickness of 50 + 50 mm. a reputable manufacturer.

2. Wood wool density 50 kg/m 3, thickness 100 mm. manufacturer Steico Flex

3. Mild wood fibrous plate MDVP 230 kg/m3 density thickness of 19 mm. Steico manufacturer

If you had any doubts about natural insulation products before you watched the video, this really does show how safe they are! Take a look at our own range here.

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