Getting plastered French style

Used throughout the Mediterranean countries this warm and inviting clay plaster is one many will recognise from their holidays in the south of France.

Bring a little Provençal warmth and flair to your home with a touch of French artisan design.

Ecomerchant a leading UK supplier of sustainable building products has signed an exclusive deal to bring some French style to UK homes. Argilus are a French manufacturer of clay plaster already hugely popular in Europe. They have a range of natural beautiful decorative plasters which are now available in the UK for the first time. Although clay plaster is widely used in Europe it is relatively uncommon in the UK. The plasters are ‘through colour’ so there is no need to paint.

This beautiful, warm and distinctive plaster gives a certain ‘Je ne Sais quoi’ to any room. The colours are all natural and the plasters come with a selection of additives including minerals such as quartz or mica which give the finish a delightful subtle sparkle or tiny sea shells to provide textures or plant fibre to create luxurious textured feel. To complete the finish a Carnauba and Beeswax sealer can be painted on to create a wipe down surface perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

There are 7 standard base coat colours and 12 standard finish coat colours.

At the recent ‘Big Green Home Show’ at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre 3 days of  demonstrations were held to showcase the plaster, the practical demonstrations drew substantial crowds; most visitors were astonished at the quality and texture of the finish. Many commented on the ease at which it was applied and asked why clay plasters were not universally used. Several professional plasterers who visited the show had a go and agreed that the product was a joy to work with, especially as it can be re-wetted and worked after a break even after several days which meant very little wastage.

No technical knowledge is required to use the plaster and the finish coat can be applied to any solid substrate such as plasterboard, brick, block or masonry.

One coat application - No need to paint. The plaster is applied in a single coat (unlike lime plasters) onto the prepared substrate and only requires finishing with a stainless steel trowel or sponge float depending on the plaster blend and required finish. There is no cost or disruption to paint

Super eco friendly – no allergens. Argilus clay plasters have achieved a coveted Greenspec PASS award certifying this as a genuine sustainable product. The plaster has the following features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Only water needed to use
  • No chemical or synthetic  compounds
  • Dries naturally
  • Very low embodied energy  - compared to gypsum or lime based plasters
  • Waste product can be composted
  • No potential for off gassing – giving of noxious fumes
  • Can be re-wetted and re-worked again and again so very little is wasted
  • Completely harmless to humans, animals and plants

Versatile uses. Argilus plasters have been used in a range of buildings including

  • Private houses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Churches

100% natural. The natural colours for the Argilus range contain no Titanium Oxide or other toxins used in traditional paints, the pigments are all 100% natural and come from sustainable sources. The range of colours runs from deep Burgundy reds to subtle shades of white. Argilus achieve perfect consistency of colour from batch to batch by employing a proven blending technique perfected over the years to achieve absolute consistency.

Years of experience – thousands of customers.  Argilus have sold over 500,000 bags of plaster to date or the equivalent of 3.5 million square metres.

All this at a very attractive price. Does all this Gallic flair come at a price…not at all…. in fact prices are comparable with the alternative options of lime or gypsum based plasters but crucially saving money because there is no need to paint.  All products are available to buy online or direct from Ecomerchant with next day delivery for most customers.

Typical price per m2 for Argilus plaster would be around £15 per square metre for the applied finish including materials and labour, the same job for lime plaster would begin around £22 per square metre (this can be much more) and for traditional gypsum plaster around £12 per square metre…..but for both of these two options a paint finish is required.

Ecomerchant will be hosting a series of live demonstrations for the Argilus clay plaster range throughout 2014 please call 01793 847 444 to find out more.

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