How to get a grip of your build costs

Recently we compiled a list of the top 5 things that keep self-builders awake at night.  We did this by asking our customers to list their most pressing concerns from which we created the top 5. Unsurprisingly almost all those asked came up with the same concerns…..they were

  1. How do I know if a quote is realistic
  2. How do I know if I can trust what a contractor is telling me
  3. I worry the project will go over-budget
  4. I am worried that I am being overcharged
  5. I have no idea how long this should take

These concerns and anxieties are based around control, or lack of it. For most, self-build is a unique experience, and the learning curve starts steeply and is likely to become steeper as you progress. Many apprehensions relate to trust; trusting yourself, trusting what you read or research on the internet, trusting a so called expert, trusting a builder and so it goes on. The end result for some is a type of paralysis where the whole project just sits there seemingly waiting for something to happen to it. The simplest things like working out a budget for some becomes a tangled mess; ask yourself, could you work out your budget now, and would you trust the answer? After all you are the one paying and cost is one of the biggest influences on choice.

Trying to work out the cost and time of any home improvement is a huge challenge. The final amount will depend on many factors that you may not even have thought about. The size of the project, the amount of work you intend to do yourself if (if any?) the method of construction and the type and availability of materials are all factors. Did you know that it is also more expensive to build in some areas of the UK than others?

Also, the final build quality has to be taken into account, you will no doubt wish to get more than one quote so how do you compare?  – Who do you trust to give you an accurate price for the work and, of course, deliver the quality you want?

What if knew EXACTLY how much each part of the build should cost; both labour and materials, and HOW LONG it should actually take?

Wouldn't it be good if you had all this information to hand in an easy to use straightforward way? Well now you can so when you speak to a builder, tradesman, contractor, or receive an estimate you can now have a comprehensive detailed estimate for all aspects of your build cost calculated by an independent expert with over 30 years’ experience of getting it right for the self build market.

With this report, detailing the costs and timings based on your architect’s drawings, everything becomes much less stressful…. Now you will know

  • exactly how much is a realistic price
  • all the variable costs to hand if you want to up-grade any of the materials
  • You have a document you can trust that tells you how long each part of the build should take AND how much it should cost in both materials and labour!
  • AND a schedule of payments!


Our estimators offer an invaluable cost-effective and speedy service that answers all the issues for home-owners accurately and quickly but more importantly one that they can trust! Then the benefits are immense from saving time and in some cases THOUSANDS OF POUNDS which can come from not understanding how much you should realistically be paying!

Begin to give yourself peace of mind now, call us now to book a free one-to-one “Price the Plan” consultation, it takes around 30 minutes, it can be done over the phone or face to face at our office at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre off junction 16 of the M4. The consultation will help you create your own outline project plan; identify the types, indicative performance and quantities of materials you will need and the times you will need them.  There is no obligation to buy from Ecomerchant but you must have planning permission and supply scale plans to book your consultation.  This is a great chance to make sure you sleep soundly during your project so email your plans to and let us know when you would like your consultation.

If you would like to view a sample report please email  to request a copy.

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