Let the sunshine in with Sun Tubes

Light tubes - also known as light pipes are a way of directing natural light into a building, they are installed into a wall or a ceiling to transport the light from outside the property into the desired area. The tubes can be straight or slightly bent and can also be lined with reflective materials to pass the light through the tube. They are becoming an increasingly popular feature being installed into new design and architecture projects as they have a number of benefits.


What are the benefits of light tubes?

Compared to skylights, light tubes are far easier to install and less likely to contribute to the development of leaks or weak spots within the roof or wall that they are installed into.

As they are so narrow, it can be said that they pose less security risks than sky lights as people cannot fit into them meaing they are beneficial to domestic security as well as in areas such as prisons which need to have high levels of security. Also, because they are far smaller than skylights for example, they also increase privacy levels so they are ideal for bathrooms.

It is a form of energy saving in two senses; firstly, it will save on lighting bills as it can replace artificial lighting within the area. The use of natural lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, and have positive psychological effects on occupants. Secondly, they reduce risk of heat loss as the tube is sealed as well as the fact that the air inside acts as insulation.

Although light tubes are often designed into new builds, they can also be installed into a finished roof with the assistance of a roofing contractor.

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