Natureplus expands into the UK

Natureplus is developing rapidly throughout Europe and Natureplus certified products can be found in all European countries. Now natureplus are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached to significantly expand the promotion of natureplus within the UK.

A meeting was held over two days in September in Manchester between Thomas Schmitz-Gunther, his translator John Doyle and 5 members of Renewable Building - Professor Tom Woolley (a prominent Green Architect), Mark Lynn of Second Nature UK (manufacturer of natural insulation products), Brian Murphy of Greenspec (which is a respected web tool to aid the specification of ecological building materials) and Gary Newman (Chair of Renewable Building). Tom Woolley said “the UK desperately needs a credible eco-label to help consumers and construction professionals distinguish truly sustainable products from the green wash. In my opinion Natureplus has the credibility and critical mass to become a huge success in the UK.”

Renewable Building is currently established as a working group of the UK government funded National Non-Food Crop Centre. Until now, the group has been focused on the development of bio-based building materials. The agreement with natureplus provides the focus and direction for the group to expand to include other sustainable building materials produced from mineral sources.

Renewable Building is now preparing a new business plan and investment is being sought, to allow the working group to become legally constituted as a not-for-profit member led organisation.

Gary Newman believes that the dominance of a small number of house building companies combined with the UK’s obsession with micro-generation has made it extremely difficult to communicate the benefits of focusing on the building fabric. However, he said that ‘Natureplus provides us with a critically important tool to facilitate communication to consumers and building professionals which I anticipate will lead to a noticeable acceleration of the market’.

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