New range of internal doors launched

Royal-modern-VP7-insitu-largeWhen trying to choose an interior door, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices, styles and finishes compounded by prices that seem to range from the suspiciously low to the absurdly high. As a result, people often end up choosing a simple plain white or wooden door more often than not from a local DIY store or builders merchant or simply allowing their builder to choose for them.

We wanted to offer something better than the standard mass produced doors so we have selected 16 of the most popular doors in the JB Kind range that exhibit quality construction, considerate & detailed design and value for money.  You can read more about our supplier here.

These doors are engineered to a high standard and available in a variety of finishes covering most typical applications from traditional to contemporary, a well-chosen door can make a real difference to the feel of your house; doors can act as a stand-alone feature in your home, or to bring adjacent rooms together. We hope to make choosing and buying a quality engineered door simpler and easier for you.


The most common door size is 762mm x 1,981mm (2’ 6” x 6’ 6”), although if you are renovating an old home, the openings may be non-standard, requiring new doors to be custom made, we can make most of our doors to fit most opening sizes please call us about bespoke service.


The range of doors are supplied with one of the following as standard – this is clearly stated in each door description

pre-finished door will be ready to fit complete with either a varnish or paint finish.

primed finish is where a door has been prepared with an undercoat ready for a top coat finish of your choice.

Unfinished doors are prepared ready for your choice of paint or varnish.


Fitting a door is more complicated than it sounds and we would always advise asking a trained professional to do it. It’s a skilled trade and there are qualified people who can make sure your doors are perfectly hung. When creating a new door opening, in addition to buying the door you will also require a door lining. This is made up of a timber kit that is fitted into the opening, on which the door is then hung.

Fire doors

Fire rated door

Fire doors don't have to look "functional". Many of our doors have fire door (FD30) options look for the flame symbol to see if this option is available for the door you want. The doors are tested in accordance with either BS 476 pt22 or EN1634-1:2000 by accredited test houses. All JB Kind FD30 fire doors fully comply with Part B of the Building Regulations when fitted in accordance with their certification. You can download the fire door fact sheet (JB Kind Fire-door-certification-the-facts) from any of the product pages under the ‘TECHNICAL INFO’ tab

Glazed Options

Many of the doors have glazed options available please see the JB Kind brochure download or call to learn more


Although we have selected a small number of doors to show on our web site you can buy any of the doors in the JB Kind range from us; you can download the catalogue from any of the product pages under the ‘TECHNICAL INFO’ tab – this is a big file so it may take a while to download. There is also a smaller at a glance guide to download if you prefer.

You can find our internal doors in our "Windows & Doors" category

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