Now you can buy eco-friendly cleaning products that really work, from Ecomerchant!

Eco-friendly cleaning products from Ecomerchant are effective and prices include delivery

“I never realised that environmentally-friendly cleaning materials could be so effective!” is something we often hear from customers when they see our range of eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products.

Prices on environmentally-friendly cleaners include delivery at Ecomerchant

We know that lots of people want to buy online so we’ve been structuring a great deal with our carriers so you can buy concentrated, effective products without paying extra for delivery. These concentrated cleaning products start from a little as 20 pence per litre diluted (dilutes (1:125) for our eco disinfectant and just over £7.00 for our odour buster spray (dilutes 1:20). So you can try our incredible cleaning products and enjoy a clean, green house and it certainly won’t cost you the earth!

If you are new to eco-friendly cleaning products, or if you’ve heard that they are less effective and expensive, prepare to be amazed. Ecomerchant’s comprehensive  range of inexpensive range of Fragile Earth concentrated cleaning products make cleaning jobs easy by using natural agents with no adverse effects on the environment, and better still remove the need for aggressive or damaging chemicals we currently use like bleach, phosphates and ammonia compounds.

Get away from “chemical cleaning”

Fragile earth products are formulated from bacteria, or natural plant oils, they are

1.    Highly effective.
2.    Have proven biological action
3.    Are harmless to humans, animals and marine life,
4.    Are Eco friendly and non-toxic.
5.    Highly cost effective
6.    Concentrated where possible, to reduce packaging, transport and manufacturing costs, so reducing carbon emissions

Most cleaning materials end up being flushed down the drain and so potentially create a pollution problem, the bacteria and natural oils used in Fragile Earth products pose no threat at all and may continue neutralising harmful bacteria even in the drain, in fact there are several products designed specifically to treat and remove grease, fats and oils from drains.

So how do Fragile Earth products work? Many of us will recognise the term ‘friendly bacteria’ from the many food substances we consume designed to correct the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria. Fragile Earth products use the same principle, using good bacteria to combat harmful bacteria. We are all aware of the harm many cleaning chemicals do to the environment and many of us would like to use more environmentally friendly products; Fragile Earth products offer an effective and proven alternative across a broad range of applications to replace the more aggressive chemicals that are typically used today.

Fragile Earth bacterial cleaning products don’t mask odours or ‘transfer’ dirt from surface to cloth or surface to drain, they actually digest germs and harmful bacteria. They are particularly effective in controlling smells and odours, and use specially formulated safe enzymes and bacteria to effectively clean in a range of applications form hard surfaces, sinks, drains, carpets, floors and other problem areas.

Ecomerchant also sell and market a range of sachets designed to allow customers to reuse plastic spray bottles, simply drop into an empty trigger spray bottle one of our concentrated cleaners, fill with water and let it dissolve. Our cistern toilet block is an eco friendly toilet cleaner that leaves a biofilm on the toilet bowl which helps prevent waste from adhering to the bowl and we have a number of products to treat blocked and smelly drains, along with Septic Tan maintainers.


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