• Pretty as a picture. Would you be surprised to learn that modern natural paints are very good?

    How to choose and specify natural paints, what to look for and what to avoid
  • Ecomerchant Aquacrate attenuation System

    If your site needs an attenuation system this could be the perfect answer
  • Keeping the lid on overheating

    Hot house? it may be the roof, read what to look out for and how to keep a lid on overheating
  • Make draughty buildings history: here are 6 products that will do 90% (plus) of the work for you

    One of the most popular and effective ways to reduce energy bills is make your building less leaky (draughty in other words). The word “airtightness” wasn’t even a word used in connection with domestic buildings, until it was introduced and formalised through building regulations in the early 2000’s, it is now an established part of Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) and mandatory throughout the UK.
  • What price a quiet life?

    A recent ‘Which’ survey found more than a quarter of UK adults have had a problem with a noisy neighbour in the past year, meaning that one in four of us will have experienced noise issues with neighbours. Loud voices and arguing topped the list of annoyances. Loud music, slamming doors and noisy pets also featured. Compared with older people, those in their 20s were almost twice as likely to say they have experienced a nuisance neighbour, according to the survey, among 18 to 24-year-olds, 33% had encountered a problem in the past year, with the figure being 17% for those aged 65 and over. Of those who had experienced a problem, loud voices were cited by 41%, followed by loud music and TVs (29%).
  • Is this a typical example of how we can miss a trick through fear of thinking something is new?

    This is so easy; follow the steps below to lay a structural insulated floor suitable for any surface finish.
  • Self build VAT reclaim…….it’s your money

    There is no doubt that we all want to save money where we can, for self builders and renovators the VAT reclaim scheme is a way to reclaim cash on a project. This can represent a significant part of a self build budget and this is your entitlement in law. Our close involvement with a large range of self build projects through material supply means we have a good idea of how this affects many self builders so we asked Edward Rubie an experienced VAT reclaim specialist and erstwhile quantity surveyor and self builder to help us create a list of observations, tips and ‘must have advice’ for our customers. Hopefully this will help simplify a complicated process which will be new to many.
  • The 7 essential elements that make your building sustainable

    For all our self builder customers from those building new from scratch to those who are refurbishing or upgrading this is the time to incorporate sustainability into your project by design and through the careful choice of materials, getting this right now will insulate you against spiraling energy bills and running costs and provide a durable long lasting healthy home.
  • Why we choose Green building materials

    We asked architect, green campaigner and editor of Greenspec Sandy Patience to give us an appraisal of the reasons why we should consider sustainability as a first principle when constructing a building.
  • Happy New Year To All Our Customers

    Hello and Happy new Year to all of you as we move into 2015.

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