Pro Clima replace Solitex wall membrane

Pro Clima, the award winning manufacturer of airtightness membranes tapes and accessories, has withdrawn its bestselling membrane Solitex WA and replaced it with an improved and upgraded version called Solitex Fronta WA.

Following new European regulations Pro Clima have upgraded the performance with the addition of a MENTO protection film on both sides of the black 40g/m2 spunbound material.  By doing this a 100% air and driving rain tight membrane is achieved with a water column of 10,000mm2. Application areas are as previously behind closed facades.The new membrane keeps all the other exiting benefits and features of the old WA membrane.

Features include:

  • Highly permeable and yet extremely windproof
  • Protects the wall structure against the elements during the construction period
  • High nail tear resistance
  • 3 months outdoor exposure

Solitex Fronta WA  comes as a standard 1.5m x 50m roll and is available from stock, a larger 3m x 50m roll is available as a special order.

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